Tuesday, 30 August 2016

日本の最後の数日間 - Last few days of Japan

The Last Few Days of Japan

We spent the last few days shopping and trying to spend our hard-saved money. I bought a bunch of rare Moomin plush toys. I regret not buying Too-Ticky and the Groke as well, since I've got some money left over, still!

We bought our limited edition Pikachu couple plush, dressed in traditional Yakuta and kimono. A his and hers Pikachu. Awwh.

We tried our best to spend time eating good food and just relaxing and visiting places.  We went to a big woodland park in Tokyo, we spent one day completely penned indoors because of a typhoon... that was a bit dull... but we just had some relaxed fun.

Then, on the Thursday, which was 4 days before our flight, in the evening at around 10pm, the cockroach appeared on my bed, freaking Him out a bit.

I was in the bath and he actually came running to tell me there was a roach on my bed. He didn't manage to catch it because by the time he came back with a mug from downstairs, it had scuttled off somewhere.

He was onto airbnb for an alternative place as almost as fast as the cockroach could run.  We booked it and set about packing and tidying and shaking out everything to make sure there were no roach eggs or roaches hiding.

When he was out buying bug bombs and spray, the roach reappeared, making me jump. I managed to get it under a mug. (No squishing! If it's a female, that's the worst thing to do!)

I am not proud of it, but there were lots of shrieks and squeals as I tried to catch it and a lot of shudders and gagging.

I don't mind cockroaches out and about in the wild. Then it's interesting and I don't have to be too close. I DO MIND THEM IN MY ROOM, it would seem. I actually like them less than spiders, in the house. Spiders gross me out no end. As I don't live in Australia, I'm not afraid of them, but I don't like the way they look or move. 8 legs is too many (or too few, since I quite like centipedes and millipedes).

Anyhoo, caught the roach, then He managed to set it free but sprayed it to death.

They're just a part of life, in Japan. It probably came in up the drain in the bathroom. It probably came in because of the typhoon. It was a male, but we weren't too happy about sleeping in the room after that... we cranked the air con up to discourage any others coming out.

The next morning, after buying antiseptic for my toe, we moved out. It was oddly sad and we felt nostalgic - after all, we'd been living there for a month, pretty much.

We moved to a two-bed flat near Ginza, the rich part of Tokyo.

We made the most of our time in Ginza - we ate out the Friday evening, spending a ridiculous £301 on a set meal around Ginyu beef.  It included our drinks and two appetisers and a pudding, but when we did the yen to pound conversion, we were shocked.
So yeah. That's that... we had the money to spend, so it wasn't so bad.

When visiting in Japan, if you have the yen, you have the yen. It's not worth converting to pounds much to justify things, unless you want to tell yourself "it's fine to get that stuffed toy - it's a collectable and only £10..."   We knew that 40,000 yen would be expensive but hadn't tried converting it accurately.

Then the Saturday, we went to Gundam front, to see the life-size model of a Gundam. I'm not a massive franchise but I humour him. We did a bit of window shopping as well.  We went into the Gundam museum and he got to climb into one and put a coat on and sit in a seat... he was happy.

Gundam Front - 27/8/16

Then the next morning, on the Sunday, we cleared out and flew home.

And that was the end of our Japanese adventures.  We were ready to go home, but we have had a great time.  We were very happy to get back to our own hovel and have a computer each to play on and t.v. to watch in English and I got to drive my car for the first time in 4 months (I MISSED IT SO MUCH) and yeah. Lots of conversation fodder for us!

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