Tuesday, 2 August 2016

初日 日本 - Japan Day 1

Day 1 - The Journey

Our flight from Heathrow was pretty uneventful, except that the gate information appeared nearly 30mins after they said it would on The Board and then the gate did not open until 3mins before take off!

Otherwise, it was ok.  We'd got up at 4.30am to get lift to the airport with Him Indoor's dad on his way to work. Since I had only had about 3 hours sleep for various reasons, I managed to nod off for an hour or so.

The food for lunch was... well. It wasn't the worst, I guess. Definitely not gourmet!  Here's a picture of it.

 The vegetarian option looked soooooooo good! I think ours was lamb?  I can't think what part of cow would be quite that fatty...

When we arrived in Moscow, it was 29 degrees and we were a bit late. For some reason, our connecting flight was delayed until 7.25, so we had to stand around for a good 30 minutes. Shame, really, cause the airport seemed really nice! I wanted to look around more.

We are now in the air. We have been given complimentary eyemasks, slippers and headphones for the t.v. service; which has a great film selection.  Starting off with Kung Fu Panda 3 cause I missed that in the cinemas.

Later: We have just been given our dinner and breakfast menues to choose from - very fancy!

Meal 1:
Appetiser: Chum Salmon, Potato Salad with cucumber, lemon slice and dill, served with mayonnaise sauce

Main course:  Boona chicken with buckwheat and brocolli  OR  Tilapia in Teriyaki sauce, served with rice, grilled sweet pepper and broccoli

Desert: Chocolate cake with cranberry sauce

On the tray: Cream cheese, butter roll and rye bread

Meal 2:
Appetiser: Beef, Russian cheese and boiled egg on lettuce leaf

Main course: Omelet with beef and turkey, served with Bechamel sauce  OR  Rice porridge with pumpkin OR Pancakes with cream sauce

Desert: Cookies and muesli

On tray: Butter, roll, rye bread

I am going to have the Tilapia, whatever that is... and for breakfast I am undecided between omelet and the porridge. I've not had rice porridge and I fear it may well be rice pudding, whih we all know is gross!

Pics of the food

Tilapia is fish. We did not eat the salmon
He liked his buckwheat

Couldn't eat it - it was a corriander omelet
He really enjoyed his "thick" pancakes

10:30am local time:  After circling the coast for a while, we landed!  It was during a downpour, but we did not get wet. It had stopped by the time we were through immigration, luggage collection and ticket buying for the train.

Could almost have been a 30 degree Heathrow!

18:23 local time:  We have found our place. We have a very cute, traditional house. We have been napping and had some little bits to eat. After my shower/bath, we will go for a walk.

I might well grow tired of them, but I love the sound of the cicadas! Lovely.

Awake 30ish hours and feel half dead but excited!

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