Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cool things about Japan

Top things we like about Japan!

  1. The trains run frequently and are on-time
  2. The train fare is cheap!
  3. The trains are air conditioned, something the tube should consider its trains to do - we pay more for them so why not?
  4. The curtains have magnetic bits on the rail holders so that they shut properly at the top.
  5. Their merchandise is high quality AND affordable. 
  6. Shibuya Disney store is like a dream. 
  7. Their drinks are gorgeous. 
  8. They have vending machines everywhere to help you stay hydrated cheaply
  9. They recycle ALL the things - there is nearly always a PET plastic or can bin next go a vending machine
  10.  Restaurant food so far has been top knotch - particularly the meat side of things. 
  11. We have seen hardly any vandalism so far - I did manage to spot some graffiti on portable road barriers!  Easily fixed.
  12. If there are no bins, people carry their waste until they find them (mostly)
  13. Because toilets are self cleaning, all public loos are great. 
  14. People look after their environment - they don't pee on seats or use their menstral blood to write on walls. All toilet paper gets flushed. 
  15. Men's toilets apparently don't smell like the ones at home! (Reliable source)
  16. Everything stays open pretty late. They open later, too. Which means we can lie in if we want to! 
  17. The humidity isn't too big of a downer because every building so far has been air-conditioned. Just duck into one to cool down. This may be different in places like Osaka, however.  
  18. The trains have their own jingles at each station! 
  19. The metro lines have advertising tvs. Fun to watch. 
  20. The train platforms have markers so you can start to queue where the door will be! 
Bonus: Their parks are lovely!! So many trees, patches of woodland, activities, ponds in each one, benches, things to do... We went to one in Mitaka, near the Ghibli museum and it knocks the pants off any park that I've been to in the UK.  Could easily spend an entire day there.

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