Tuesday, 30 August 2016

日本の23日目 - Japan day 23

After our week of travel, we kinda mooched about a bit for a day or two, recovering. I thought I had a blood blister, caused by pinching of my toes, but it turns out it was just a scab over a horribly fleshy bit of nail or something. Yeah. Nice.

So with much gauze, tape, plasters and anti-septic, I have to play nurse on myself. Ah well.

Day 23 was awesome. It was our trip to Disney Sea Tokyo!

We only went on three rides, but we had a great time wandering around and queuing... it wasn't a busy day, but for the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, we had to queue for 2 hours. The ride itself lasts about 5 minutes. C'est la vie.  There was much screaming involved - we were both quite tired and lost our nerve a bit. We knew we were going to burst out of the side of the volcano and have a big (read: not that big in reality) drop, and the anticipation got to us, I guess.  Still, it was a good ride - it had flame throwers and weird alien-like gremlin things and darkness and light shows and sound effects.

We also went to Terror Tower, that was fun. I don't know why I didn't expect the ride to be the way it was - I mean, it was kind of obvious from the "how the house got haunted" video and light show.  Hindsight is amazing.

I'm glad I hadn't eaten before that right though - I definitely felt my digestive organs shift as we got dropped. Yep. We didn't scream in that one, just held on quite tight - the people behind us though were going at it full pelt, having their voices projected to the people outside, in the streets far far below.

Disney Sea, despite having "sea" in the name, has no water rides. None. There is a splash area, if you are getting front seats to the shows on the lake, but apart from that, it's literally just because it's on the coast.

(It's actually a total rip off to have Disney Land and Disney Sea as separate parks with separate tickets - they're right next to each other and on the same shuttle train line.)

We also went on the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which wasn't exciting but interesting to go on, for the effects and things. The queue for that was a bit long, too.

Then we went to get pizza from Zambini's just in time for the big show of the evening: Fantasmic.

I'd not seen a proper Disney park show. I wasn't massively eager to see it until I read about it in the leaflet and thought, "cool".  I was so wrong - they're not just fireworks. They're amazing.

It was of course based loosely on Fantasia, with Mickey appearing at the top of a giant sorcerer's hat, in the middle of the bay. The hat was of course projecting images and clips from various films and it was a celebration to all the imagination. (Reminiscent, to the song from Willy Wonka, sung by our dearly departed Gene Wilder)

Then of course, the drama starts: the Evil Queen's mirror appears and the hag manages to magic herself out of the mirror and into the hat, switching places with Mickey. Maleficent and Ursula show up and the Mistresses of Darkness take over!  Then Maleficent turns into the dragon! And Mickey manages to spark fireworks and stuff at her (with his wand) and eventually she is defeated. Not going to lie, both the show and my photos are pretty cool. #ego.

I filmed teeny bits of the show, at points and have sewn them together. I wasn't going to film the whole thing, because I was a bit wary of my camera's propensity to lose large film clips (though that might have been me, as well). I also wanted to get some really cool photos, which you can't really do when taking shots from a film of that size. And cool photos I got!

A great end to the day!   We popped over to Agrabah market to collect an engraved present we'd got for His Sister, nipped into a stationary store where I got some really lovely postcards that could be framed and He got an anniversary (15 years since opening) Nano Block Mickey Mouse.

Then we went home, tired but happy - and determined to return and stay in one of the hotels for a couple of nights, next time!

DisneySea Tokyo - 24/8/16

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