Saturday, 25 June 2016

I just need to say it, about this whole Brexit palava.

1. I am angry at the people who voted “Leave” in “protest” to The Big Man in London, and then genuinely were surprised that their “protest” counted towards anything. That is called voting, you morons. If you want to protest something, gather up a group of people and take yourselves to Westminster. Write to your MPs. Strike. Anything BUT make a fake decision on something so irreversible and important.

2. A lot of people that voted out seem to be bigoted and misinformed. I am generalising here - there are some intelligent “Brexiters” out there which is upsetting, but I can appreciate their arguments a little bit more than just “I wanted the Muslims out” or “We need to make Britain stronger again” - A lot of people have apparently since been shocked at the decision and actually done more research into the EU and what it does.

3a. I am disappointed in people of my generation. A 40% turnout is RUBBISH. Where the fuck were you all? Seriously? *I* feel that I can complain about how rubbishly every vote I’ve made has gone, because I FUCKING VOTED. If I hear ONE person complain about what has happened and then find out you didn’t vote because you couldn’t be bothered or you forgot to, you will get a swollen lip and I may get split knuckles.

3b. The entire voting process was disorganised and worryingly so. His Indoor's ballot paper never actually arrived. He couldn’t find out where he needed to go online, which you would think would be a thing you can do now, and so he had to phone up and run in circles to find out which station to go to. You can only find out on the phone (which nobody our age likes doing) or by receiving your ballot paper. How many people didn’t get their ballot paper and didn’t vote even though they were registered and just needed to turn up on the day?

4a. I have noticed that a lot of bigoted, small-minded and frankly ignorant and seemingly low-intelligence people are a) obsessed with the War and anti-German to a fault, b) Racist and horrendous and c) seem to think that Baby Boomers, who have statistically gained the most from the EU and then robbed future generations of the benefits, fought in the war and we ought to be grateful to them! Like, does nobody actually remember WHEN the war happened? I even counted how many actual WW2 vets are still alive in the UK. There are 84. 84 of them. Two are 86 years old and the rest are in their 90s. So the next time I say “actually, my grandparents were of the opinion that the over 60s shouldn’t be allowed to vote”, I can pull that one out when I get told I wouldn’t be here without their contribution to the war. Never mind that my grandmother was born at the very start of it and my grandfather was an evacuee. Hitler and Churchill did and said many things but conscription for the under 10s was not one of them.

4b. A lot of people, the same people in the category above, argue that those who fought in the war (like my grandparents, apparently) are anti-EU because they were fighting for freedom and stuff. (Simultaneously speaking for the wrong group of people and acknowledging that a lot of them are dead…) Nobody seems to realise that the EU was established to STOP another war happening. Nobody is more important than anybody else. That everybody had fair trade and rules that each country had to live by, to ensure that nobody would be disenfranchised, degraded and forgotten about and bitter again. It wasn’t perfect, but what is? Our voting system isn’t! It’s less democratic than the way things worked in the EU! The British seem to have forgotten that and frankly they need to get over their stupid nostalgia for their “glorious” Imperial days. No. It was crap then too. Get over it. Pull your racist, white supremacist heads out of your arse and live in today’s wonderful, multicultural beautiful world where people can (could) live where they want, love who they want and work where they want. The Empire is over and good riddance.

5. Britain could be “great” again, but not because we left the EU - it’ll take longer now. Not a lot will change, because we need to trade with the EU and if anything, we’ll be further on the back foot than we were before. We’ll definitely notice the enormous lack of funding and subsidy towards places like Wales and Cornwall and university and research and all the things the EU funded… We will probably find that a lot of researchers and innovators will move abroad.

I would argue that the biggest change could be that any huge changes that those sneaky, pernicious snakes in Blue want to put in, I and hundreds of thousands of others will fight, tooth and nail to stop. I can only hope that when threats against the NHS, Education, Human and Workers Rights and everything else become more apparent and real for those morons that voted Leave for their racist, small-minded and self-interested reasons, they will unite with the rest of us and tell Westminster that we simply will not take the shit we’ve been taking for the last 6 years anymore!

P.S. Leaving the EU doesn't change the Refugee Crisis. It is still there and we still have a responsibility to help!

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