Saturday, 4 June 2016

An Evening with Amanda and Jack Palmer

Amanda Palmer came on stage and opened with a very light hearted rendition of "In My Mind", which obviously has some holes in now that she is a mother - but still a wonderful song none the less.


Then Amanda proceeded to tell us about her pre-motherhood fears of having children and being stuck in a Folk Song rut where she only sings about "nice things" and "how wonderful my children are" and that she would want to kill herself - all in jest of course! She explained how she felt that by doing this Folk Music night and album with her dad, all of which are covers, she will avert the urge to write her own folk music and therefore not become a folk-singing momma. 

I guess that logic kinda works! 

She then tried to perform Machete, another great song she dropped via Patreon about a month or so ago? I dunno but having Ash and Neil Gaiman in the wings somewhat distracted her as baby arms waved and a cute gurgling and calling to her was heard.

She claimed to have 5 male guests and the first two were of course Neil Gaiman and their son, Ash.

It was lovely to listen to Neil Gaiman read the part he wrote for Who Killed Amanda Palmer whilst Amanda and Ash tinkled eerily on the piano.  



She introduced us to the man whose name I can't remember! Guest number 3! He and Amanda are currently recording an album together and I have to say, I quite enjoyed the songs they performed for us. I look forward to hearing more of it later.


The fourth guest, though not really a guest as his name was in the event name, was of course her father, Jack Palmer.

He has a wonderful folk song voice - deep, booming and not quite crooning with that slight twang in the accent that most (American) folk singers need. In fact I need to look it up because he sounded a lot like the dude that does the weird music between chapters in the Series of Unfortunate Events audio books! (I googled it: it isn't.) 


Then the fifth (male) guest was another bloke whose name I can't recall but he must have been a comedian because he told us this great (not entirely accurate) history of the Prince who went over the ocean to the land of Skye, as a precursor to the folk song. It was a good laugh.


Then after a few more great folk songs (we hit the political side of things, which is easily done as Amanda points out; most folk songs can be reused in the great circle of history, unfortunately)

Then the final guest - the surprise guest - was Amanda Palmer's older sister, Alyson.  It was a proper family show!



As any of you who've been to an Amanda Palmer show knows, she always ends with a great couple of songs. This time, it was Jack who played the guitar and sang the main melody whilst Amanda harmonised in Sing. It was beautiful - the whole of KOKO was singing along quietly and by the end we were encouraged to sing up and out.  It was a really different, more subdued night to the other Amanda Palmer gigs I've been to but it was special in that way. 

Then of course, once her father was off stage, she finished off with Girl Anachronism.

From my seat upstairs, I got some beautiful photos. These are a few later on when performing with Jack that didn't fit with the rest of the narrative so neatly:


I have uploaded the video I took of Neil Gaiman reading "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" 

(Whenever the camera jerks, it's because this woman kept going to buy drinks and would kick us in the back as she went past. I really wanted to shove her over the balcony by the end of the evening...)

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