Sunday, 22 May 2016

Urban Decay goes Through the Looking Glass!

As soon as I heard about this, I ordered it. Compulsive? Yes.  Indulgent? Yes.  Do I care? Not this time!  If I don't spend money on myself, what is the point in earning it?

I have so far played around with three looks but I am excited to do more. I had thought I was just getting this for cosplay type things for Book Week or parties or whatever but actually, I am using quite a few of these colours for every day.

So vertically, you have character sets.  From left to right they are: Alice, Mad Hatter, White Queen, Red Queen and Time (new film).  

Of course each individual shade is named after another character or sentiment. 

I LOVE the Red Queen colours. I had great fun playing with that and came up with a style I'll definitely be using on weekends and nights out.

Red Queen set:

Browline - Royal Flush
Outer Corner and lid crease: Bandersnatch
Middle and lower lash line: Heads Will Roll
Inner corner: Salazan Grum

Mascara: Younique    Eyeliner: Barry M 6 Kohl (light blue)

I then added some lippy to the look just to see - it works with and without it, frankly. If I wanted a more glam effect, I'd include the lippy. (From Younique Moodstruck collection)

[Excuse the hoody thing going on here, I appreciate it is not in keeping with the rest of the make up. I was coming down with a horrendous cold (it turns out) and I was rather cold when I was doing the make up and photos]

A more every day sort of look I tried out at work (and got compliments for) was using the Alice Set:

"Eyeliner": I used a hard slanted edged brush, dampened, and pressed Metamorphosis on to mimic the look of eyeliner. It meant I could have a more accurate (first ever) slight cat eye flick thing going on - though this didn't show as well in the photo I took. It's hard to do selfies of eyes.

Brow line and inner corner: Looking Glass

Middle of my lid: Reflection

Outer corner and crease: Dormouse

An aside on durability: It lasts really well! I had first played around with the Red Queen set before I went to Zumba and then liked it so much I didn't take it off, thus becoming one of those girls vilified at the gym for wearing make up.  Now, Zumba, when done whole-heartedly, is a sweat fest! I sweated a LOT. It was like going clubbing. The colours lasted fairly well and I didn't smudge it.

What I do think though is that the colours come out best when they have been applied with a dampened brush - it helps stop the colour dusting off as you apply. So that is what I shall continue to do, particularly when I want the colours to stand out as well as they do in the photos for Red Queen set. (Only photoshopping I did was increase the exposure and contrasting a bit, to mimic what my eye could see.)

I really love this set - I was going to buy some of their lipsticks but I held back because I don't actually need them, even for cosplaying purposes (also the Hatter lipstick was sold out instantly, so why bother?). They do look gorgeous though.

Was this set worth my compulsive money? Yes.

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