Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oxburgh House

A couple of months ago now, Him Indoors and I went to Oxborough in Norfolk to visit Oxburgh House, which is the last remaining 15th Century home on a moat!

It's very pretty. Here are some photos from outside.

Oxborough Church - the roof and steeple fell in after the war!
They couldn't fix it and so it serves as a smaller chapel for baptisms and small sermons.

This poor over-wintered peacock butterfly couldn't get out.
Unfortunately it was too high for us to reach it :(

Approaching the house

As gaudy as it is with good lighting, I kinda loved this wallpaper.
Very textured!

Queen Mary of Scots's sewing stuff!

This used to be a toilet but after the ban on Catholicism under Elizabeth, 
it was reinvented as a Priest's Bolt Hole. When Elizabeth and her men 
came to stay or inspect, the priest would hide down there. 
There is room to stand in the tunnel, just. 

For some reason they made this tower's ceilings like this.
Not hollow fan-work, as in Ely Cathedral, but solid brick work. 

One of the towers from the roof.

The house on its moat from the back.

From the side.

From the woodland trail.

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