Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My West End Weekend

For my 26th, Him Indoors bought me tickets to see The Lion King at the Lyceum. Massively pleased! :)

We went to see it this weekend and had a fantastic time. He managed to get us seats in the third row, though quite far over to the right. I could see pretty much everything, though he missed one or two parts of scenes when the acting was being done on the right side of the stage. Still, I loved it.

I pretty much blubbed from the first note - I can't help it, I get like that when I am really happy or emotional or whatever and that music drags it out of me!

I managed to get us a good hotel using the Secret Hotel deal thing (worth it!) - right by the Tower of London so we just hopped on and off the tube within zone one for two days. Really great fun.

That evening, after dropping into Forbidden Planet (where I bought another book that qualifies for my reading challenge; Uprooted by Naomi Novik, expect a review later) and wandering about a bit, we went back to the hotel and changed into fancy-pants clothing.

We heard about a roof-top bar via a Facebook friend who had checked in earlier in the evening and it was literally around the corner so we went.

This was our view after dark. I did take other pictures during the day but I thought my phone and my drunkeness coped well with the dark and the window.

It was £12-15 a cocktail but we thought "TO HELL WITH IT" and drank and enjoyed ourselves. I didn't have all three cocktails I was going to, because I didn't want to trigger any Meniere's attacks but it felt good to get drunk and have no responsibilities for once. Really refreshing.


  View of the outdoor bar with sunset backdrop.            Totally drunk by this point.

We then went for our post-Midnight chips-craving walk to the nearest McD's and then walked all the way back to the hotel where we slept on a rock hard bed. (5* hotels should have medium mattresses imo)

                                   The view of the Tower and Shard from hotel door

The next day, we went for breakfast at The Breakfast Club near Liverpool St (5* breakfasts are stupid expensive) and then spent the day wandering around. We walked to the Gherkin cause it was there then to St Paul's and then to The Globe (cause it was across the bridge) and then took the tube to Notting Hill because I'd never been (clearly hadn't missed much) and then we decided we'd worn ourselves out and went home.

It was a great weekend and something we shall begin to do more often - though perhaps on a smaller budget! I'm thinking "Matilda" next!

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