Sunday, 22 May 2016

Life Changes 2

I've been on the Betahistines for just over a month now. And I can say they're working. I have had the tinnitus and full ear symptoms a lot but I've not succumbed to vertigo since that Thursday I wrote about last.

So that's good.

The DVLA got back to me though - I've lost my licence for at least 3 months. Which is utterly rubbish. It felt like a monstrous kick in the gut.

I love driving. I love being able to just sit in my car and go. I can go anywhere I want to!  Him Indoors and I have taken quite a few spontaneous trips places. It means I can go and see my grandparents (and Kevin!) after work and be back home at a reasonable time. It means I can be self-reliant. Now I am not even allowed to keep my licence card as ID. So that's a real bummer too. 

I am suddenly an adult relegated back to teenage-hood. I am reliant on the crap and hugely expensive bus services. I have to plan my routes more carefully, with ridiculous allowances for time constraint. I have to plan things more in advance! I shall be less spontaneous now! 

It is also a source of anxiety now, despite my head remaining fairly level and telling that voice "actually, I am sure that you can strike a deal with Panther taxis" - see at the moment, it is not a huge problem. I am literally 15 minutes or less by bicycle away from my current school.  But from September I am a 15 - 20 minute DRIVE away from the school I'll be working at. And there are no buses. It would take me 30 minutes to cycle to the station and then from the end station to the school. I would have to take weather into greater consideration. I would have to get fit! (ok, not a bad thing, but nobody likes being forced into things!)

I've had to cancel my newly taken out car insurance policy because a) not needed for 3 months and b) it would have been null and void because the DVLA had taken away my licence for medical reasons. 

I now have to register my car as SORN because it's not insured and I can't find my registration number thing and I'm having to fill in two forms and send £25 to pay for a replacement of the latter. 

On the plus side, I don't need to worry about getting MOT'd before I go to Japan. So that's cool. 

There are plenty of pros to not being allowed to drive. There are. It's just that there are so many inconveniences too and it does somewhat "clip my wings", to be poetic. 

I have joined a forum devoted to MD which has been a bit of a relief - I shared my diagnosis experience so far and was told that that was pretty much the way it was for other sufferers. I was also informed that I'm covered under the Disabilities Act and that my new place of work would be required to make reasonable adjustments to my work place if necessary. That's what the occupational health advisor woman must want to see me about. 

I have noticed that during stressful times at work I have found it harder to hear my children and the tinnitus has increased a lot. It's just unfortunate that our SEN child is always to my left, which is my good side. I've had to tell the other children to really speak up because otherwise all I can hear is lego being played with!

On the plus side with this whole biking everywhere: I shall be forced to leave work at school, so I guess that means making more time for myself at home. Maybe I could even start doing Body Balance at the gym again! 

Here is a snail I photographed with my phone the other week. 
I like snails. Not in my garden though.

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