Sunday, 27 March 2016

Some photos I'd taken and finally touched up a bit (lighting) and I'm really proud of. :)

I saw him raise his tail and I snapped! - Woburn Abbey Safari Park

Family of Macaques - Woburn Abbey Safari Park

Very fat otters - Woburn Safari Park

Scary rooster - Woburn Safari Park

Female Golden Pheasant - Woburn Safari Park

Male Golden Pheasant - Woburn Safari Park

Female Golden Pheasant - Woburn Safari Park

Female Mallard - Cambridge Botanical Gardens

One of my best friends looking lovely at the Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Waterlily at Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Ely Cathedral

Me at the top of the central tower of Ely Cathedral

J.S. Bach in Bonn, Germany

Sun bear - Koln Zoo

Sun Bear expressing every teacher's thought when asked a silly question - Koln Zoo

Cheetah! - Koln Zoo

Hornbill - Koln Zoo

Hornbill - Koln Zoo

Gibbon - Koln Zoo

Gibbon - Koln Zoo

Gorilla - Koln Zoo

Sea Lion - Koln Zoo

Church in Koln

Me with Chris Sabat at an anime convention in Cambridge, UK

Waterfall at Elterwater, Lake District

A deer I saw in Elterwater, Lake District

Our pup*, Kevin, loving being off the lead at Wandlebury, Cambridge, UK

*strictly speaking he's fully grown but he doesn't behave it.

I went on a photography course to refine my skills and I found that actually, I was already half-way there to going pretty much semi-automatic. For some of these photos, I had!  He recommended an easy editing suite (Lightroom by adobe) and this photography monthly package. I might look into it and have a little photo album online somewhere, linked to my blog. I really want to keep going out and taking awesome photos. :) 

It'd also be good to have that webpage so that I can edit and upload quickly whilst IN Japan, rather than months later when I get home.

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