Saturday, 14 November 2015

Going Coconuts #2

Well! I said I'd update you when I'd done it a bit longer, and so I am!

Oil Pulling - definitely cleaned up my teeth. They were definitely whiter for it and I shall keep doing it periodically. As with most things (flossing, mouth wash, moisturiser) I am not somebody who can make a commitment and use it every day...hell, I failed you lot by not even posting about it weekly... *ahem*. However! I found that even with periodic use, I could notice a discernible difference.

Conditioner - yeah, no, I did not continue this practice. It was much too heavy for my hair for weekly use and so I gave up pretty quickly.  I have instead gone Veganese! once a week or whenever my hair's been used and abused. It works much better without over-greasing things.

Body Moisturiser -  Another thing I did not keep up with in the end. Although it continued to provide very very close shaves, I ended up nicking myself a few too many times (the razor's fault, not the oil's... probably.), but I also started getting mild rashes from it on my legs. So definitely something to test for your skin a few times...

Face Moisturiser - my face was a lot less sensitive and I was certainly getting to the stage where my skin was going "the hell you doing to us, Maus?! STOP IT OR I SHALL ACNE YOU" by the time I had to pack up and move house. The oil is now still in the garage with a load of other stuff I've yet to actually sort through... who knows. If I pushed through the spots I was getting, I might have had glorious-er skin than I do now.

It was still the most amazing smell I've ever shoved onto my face though - would do it again, even if it was still only periodic.

The beauty of Coconut Oil is it takes ages to go off! Hurrah!

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