Friday, 21 August 2015

Quick Update and my new (small-scale) project

Hi guys!

If there are any guys and gals left that will bother to read or check this, of course...

I haven't posted in over a year. SO SORRY.

I genuinely wanted to rant and rave about things. I genuinely had thoughts I wanted to hash out on here.

I genuinely wanted to to type.

I just never felt as though I had the time!

My first year of teaching was, to say the least, quite chaotic and frankly a bit of a 'mare. Nowhere near as bad as the year my colleague had but I still suffered for it. Not that NQT years are supposed to be easy, I just didn't get the support I had expected from my superiors...

Ah well.

I had a much better year of it this year just gone. It was the same class, which was nice, but also three new, fresh and similar-minded colleagues joined the school which helped a LOT and allowed my friend and I to feel a bit brighter about our future.

Though of course we are due to be OFSTEDed so I am stressing out a bit even though I have got just over a week of holiday left. Mostly because I haven't quite caught up with stuff I didn't do in the summer yet...  I was going to at the start of the holidays, indeed, I did start to do it! But then I felt unwell and I rested and then my best friend came to stay for a week and then I went to Germany for a week and boom, that was 4 weeks of holiday gone!

So. I mentioned a new project. By project, I mean a different kind of review thing.

I've seen a lot of talk online about the magical properties of Coconut Oil - for cooking, eating, smearing on your skin, swilling in your mouth ('oil pulling') - and the more I read about it from various sources [each more respectable and authoritative than the last] the more I thought to myself "hm. Only way to know for sure is to try it out".

Well I tried the oil pulling once, before I actually got any coconut oil. I tried it with some olive oil because apparently it's all pretty much the same, just with a variance in useful property.

Let me tell you know: it's horrendous with olive oil. I like dipping bread in it. I like frying with it. I enjoy it on a salad. Swishing it around in my mouth for more than 5 minutes was a definite no-no.  Gross.  And the feeling lasted for ages. Even after I brushed my teeth a second time.

But I went for the plunge and got myself some "Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil" which is apparently non-GM (not that there is GM going on in the coconut world...) and is apparently 100% naturally pure from Optima. It was reasonably priced and doesn't smell too strongly of coconut.

I dislike the taste of coconut but having just tried a bit of oil pulling with it, I can tell you that it's alright. I mean, it's not like holding something tasty in  your mouth, but it wasn't as oily and gross as the olive oil.

I have also smeared some into my face. I did it before a shower because I'm going out and it had only just arrived and I was eager to give it a go and the smell was quite delightful on my face. Like biscuits or cookies. I don't like coconut but I like this smell. ^_^

My skin feels very soft. At the moment I have no spots whatsoever... but I do get them frequently. I suppose the only way to see whether this improves your skin is by seeing whether I actually get any spots FROM using the oil.  Personally, the idea of rubbing oil into my face seems counter-intuitive and not all that useful. I don't use products that strip natural oils but I certainly don't do well with an oily face. We shall see.

Right now I am just basking in the fact that my mouth feels rather clean and my face smells of biscuit.

I will try to update this weekly.

Also I shall try to put my thoughts on Antman into a posting later. Because actually I have quite a lot of nice things to say about it. Maybe. Despite being uninterested in it to start with.

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