Sunday, 26 August 2012

Swords and Sworcery Part II

I haven't played much since the last entry about this game, but when I came back I realised I'd saved/quit at a boss fight and so I had to read my tome diary to see what was up. Yep, I had to 'tame' a gold Trigon, which was otherwise attacking me. In order to do that, of course, you have to not be killed. And eventually it tires out and it's willing to get into your amazing rucksack of stuff.

Kinda like Pokemon really :P

Still think he looks a bit like the Horned King
But no, this one involved swinging at energy balls to deflect, dodging energy laser beams at just the right moment and swinging a lot at some weird triangles. More fun than it sounds - and the soundtrack was epic, naturally.

Once you've done that, mysterious tea-drinking guy tells you that your fortitude, intuitiveness and other such qualities were tested and proven, and that they will be later challenged and evaluated. Yay! But first! We shall take a break before part III of our fable.

Part III begins with strange tea-drinking - perhaps even cigar smoking? - guy telling us that it typically takes a lunar month to complete. We shall see.

The deathless spectre is of course still lurking beneath the world we're in, but also that we should observe the moods of the moon and the geometrical qualities of the trigon. Also that the narrator will be relatively silent in this part of the game, because social networks have been proven helpful in this section of the experiment. Well, if they mean twitter, then I shan't hold out too much hope!

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