Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Swords & Sworcery - Part 1

I got hold of Swords & Sworcery in the Humble Bundle V, cause a) sounded like a click and cast and b) my best friend was playing and said I should too. And also cause I like giving money to indie game designers and stuff.

It's not quite a click and cast; it's a 'click click click'. And there's no casting - yet. I have, I admit, only played through the first chapter, which takes 15-30 minutes, according to the narrator at the start of the game. Whom I suspect to be some sort of scientist.

Anyway! It's fun. If you don't mind just double clicking a lot. There are fight sequences, but yes, that involves clicking either on the sword or the shield and killing the other thing before it kills you - though there does have to be some thought behind it. You know, like knowing when to block and when to jab. Each opponent type seems different - I had more trouble with the wolf than I did an undead statue, cause it was harder to predict move wise.

Logfella is in the stone shelter whilst 'I' stand in the rainbow.
The graphics are incredibly basic - it's a visual-audio based game. The soundtrack is really good - it's atmospheric and fun, creating mood music to match the thoughts of the character.

Dialogue is mostly in thoughts, though if you have your volume up enough, you will hear other people in the vicinity talking at you - Logfella asked if I knew anything about red something. (Unfortunately I had not turned it up enough). It was just conversational whilst he sat on his ass and I - the Scythian - worked out how to bridge the chasm.

As you can see, the artwork is simple, but it's nice. And going a bit on from what Bart Kelsey said in the guest column, as a more or less silent protagonist that refers him/herself and the player as "we", it's entirely possible to consider the Scythian as either sex - the pixels are androgynous! That's either a dude with long hair and skinny legs or a girl with long hair and skinny legs. Which I guess I quite like!

The scripting is both contemporary and half-assed fantasy. And thanks to the inbuilt twitter function, it's possible to tweet all the stuff that "you" are thinking - that is, any piece of diaologue you feel like tweeting. If at all. I confess I ended up tweeting.  And the sequence looks like this.

See what I mean? And whenever it says "we", it pretty much refers to the Scythian and the player. Inclusive language, no? Specially since Logfella did naff all! 

Anyway, plot so far? It would seem that for some reason, the Scythian/you are to go and get a burdensome megatome of dark sworcery from a deep dark cavern. It's more than a cavern, really. Whilst you'd think that it's all inside creepy head -> there are the occasional tunnels and temple-like doorways.

Eventually you find the tome and you get the tome and you attempt to leave the caverns alive - just as you'd pledged to Logfella!

Naturally, it's not as simple as just taking the tome. You appear to have awoken a dark lord-like wraith - who is somewhat reminiscent of the Horned King in the Black Cauldron. But smokier. Kinda... Horned King mixed with No Face. Yeah. That's it.


Yes? No? I think so. Anyway although I have escaped from this dark shadow man, it is indicated that my journey with the megatome is not done. Something about increased exposure being bad and the fact there's a mysterious wolf following me... Anyway I don't think this guy is going to let off. 

I shall have to keep adventuring with my Scythian friend through this troubled land with interesting landscape and see what happens!

I'll keep you posted - but I think it's worth paying a quid or two for.  If only for the soundtrack. Which I shall be listening to!

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