Friday, 15 June 2012


I have today approached a guy who mentioned that he had concerns about both sexism in gaming/gaming culture and the problematic approach that Anita Sarkeesian has taken in her opening video introducing her latest video series on tropes in games.

Whilst I in part agree with Sarkeesian, what this guy has to say is just as interesting and perhaps even illuminating in discussing the problems that her opening video (and by inference - though it's not to be taken as truth obviously) her series creates.

I also hope that he will give his own take - as a feminist white male - on sexism and "troping" in video games.

I have also approached another person who challenged the idea that it is the minority gamers that have a problem with mainstream video games, rather than those that defend sexism (very bitterly, some of them). Whether he's willing to expand or write anything on that is to be seen.

So, if any of you have a game/book/film/t.v. show you want to talk about (for the lighter writers - though obviously there could be problematic themes you want to rant about) or any social issues you want to discuss or challenge, do message me - either via my tumblr ask box (no registration required) or in the comments below.

*Disclaimer (mostly cause it was posted out on tumblr - I don't think I really need to say it here but I shall anyway): I will not accept any submissions that are openly misogynist, racist, or people-bashing in anyway. I do not mind discussing the other view, but it must be as balanced and civil as possible. When I say “issues with feminism”, it could be that there is a group or opinion or movement or individual that is trying to critique and change, but going about it the wrong way, for example, NOT “I hate feminists, they’re the entire problem with this damn country” posts.

Though of course discussion of misandry and the damage that causes is equally welcome.

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