Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Eve

I've had a bonny Christmas with the relatives - far more so than I expected. I've not seen my extended family in such a long time that I thought it'd be somewhat cliquish and awkward with the cousins but in fact it was all rather fabulous and food-a-plentiful. I got to talk to my Aunt and my cousin and we all had a laugh and silly conversations and some of us did a jigsaw and I got nice photos of their cat - last I saw him, he was a kitten of about 10 weeks old. Now he's a very large, overweight moggy. Just a big puddle of gorgeous fur. He's the most tolerant cat I've come across, too.
Then I spent Boxing Day at the boyfriend's and then I met my uncle and my other two cousins at a pizza express and then I met my friends that have been at uni. We saw TinTin at the arts theatre and it was all fun :)

I had to work today (New Year's Day), so I was a bit confined to travel distance of my house, or my work place, as regards to New Years Shindigs. As a result, I stayed in with the boyfriend at his place and stayed the night. Tbh, as much as I love going out and dancing and partying once in a while, I prefer going *out* than doing house parties, so I was quite satisfied at it being just us two. We watched t.v., played with the PS3 and got take away. It wasn't flash, but it was one of the best New Year's I've ever had.  I've really been very happy whenever I've spent time with him. Even if other people get me down, he makes me feel ok again.

So that's enough of the lovey dovey stuff. I had a nice week off work for Christmas, and today I've managed to get a large scratch on my hand, burn my elbow and have a reaction to the cleaning chemical on the other arm. Good start to this week.

This year has much a-coming. In February I'm staying in Bournemouth for a week for the first time this academic year, and then at the end of it, we're going to the London Super Comic Con, where Stan Lee is coming :D There's a small chance I'll get to win a one-on-one 15 minute session with him, but it's very small as it goes by your ticket booking and LOADS of people will have been entered, therefore. Still, might win some pretty artwork?
I have to sort out my Primary School placement for September. I'm starting my course. I plan to have passed my driving test by April - which is very soon! D: Though before March would be nice, I'm trying to keep it gentle hah. I'm looking for a house to move into at the end of June or July - And the boyfriend will be moving in with me, I hope =D He's certainly planning to, anyway. Unless he gets some amazing graduate job offer somewhere not within commuting distance.
I've got a nice 137 hours to claim of Holiday this year, which works out at about 6 weeks and a 5 hour shift, so I should be able to get what I like, if I fill in my form very soon. It's incredibly tempting to leave a few weeks at the end of May or June and just hand in my notice at the end of them. But I doubt I'd be allowed. Still, I can at least go and stay with friends. Find out when their exams are and go and visit for a few days each. :)

This year should be much better than the last one, in many ways, though I do miss aspects of last year, still.

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e.f. bartlam said...

I hope you have a great 2012.

Sounds like you got off to a good start. That's really the best way to ring in the new year.