Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blonde Is The New Blonde: We Are The Size Sixes

Blonde Is The New Blonde: We Are The Size Sixes: Can we just take a minute to remember the girls and women who are forgotten? Forgotten in this new wide-spread “love your body” bandwagon. [More in the link above]

I am a 10/12 (depending on which half I am dressing, breasts are a clothing pain yo') and I am balanced and healthy and fortunately don't have to try hard to keep the weight down - watch what I'm eating and how much occasionally and maybe make sure my metabolism is still awake.
I understand the need to make sure people are happy within themselves, I really do. But promoting unhealthy ideas and shoving a bowl of chips in the hands of a large person claiming to want to be smaller is just wrong. It costs the NHS a lot of money. It has helped push obesity and all its negative side effects up in several countries. And it is telling anybody less than a 16 that they are not worth considering as a woman.

I have a womb. I have large breasts. I have child-bearing hips and I'm naturally slim. I go through the massive pain in the abdomen that is a period, and somehow that doesn't make me a "real" woman? Curvy is attractive, I guess, but the curves should be in all the right places.

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