Saturday, 26 November 2011

Stuff I've Been Up To

So! It's been a while since September. Hell, since August.

Let's see. Quick highlights.

1. Got a job. Ok, not the most amazing job in the world, but my colleagues are all good fun and I'm earning a living, and, I hope, a decent reference for later in life. Everyone's got to start somewhere, right? Well, just cause most people work at Sainsbury's before and during Uni doesn't mean that people can't have a part time job in Sainsbury's after uni. Especially in this shitty economic climate. I'm doing better than quite a lot of people.
I work on the Deli and Food to Go Counters. I don't enjoy FTG as much as Deli. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the number of ready-cooked chickens I sell overpriced. Maybe it's the amount I throw away in a shift. Maybe it's both. I do know that the smell comes into it! But on ham and cheese, I have had fun tasting new hams and cheeses I'd otherwise never have got around to. Though the white Stilton and chocolate and ginger was a big mistake. *shudder* And at least my uniform doesn't murder my complexion and the hat, unflattering for some, actually knocks some years off my face, so that's nice.  I do miss my essay writing though. (Ironic given the last highlight I'll mention)

2. I got a car. She's called Daphne, as I've said in the previous long blog post. I *really* want a VW Beetle, but unfortunately, everyone that has one does not want to sell them on, so buying a nice 2003-2005 model isn't possible. And my dreams were further hacked at by the promo pictures of the new Beetle that's being released in 2012. It's hideous. It's a new design that frankly murders the shape I love it for. Anyway, this car is a nice little three-door polo, with a 1.4 engine. Holds about 39 litres, and petrol consumption per mile isn't actually that bad. Here's a picture:

So I came up with the name Daphne last Thursday... I was on my way to the train station, and before I left, I said goodbye to my car. Just spoke to it, the way you do, and mentioned that I'd not named her. I said "what are you? A Daphne?" I was only being a bit silly, but suddenly my mind screeched "HAI!!! I'M DAPHNE!! :D" in Jack Lemon's voice from Some Like It Hot. I took it as a sign. =P

3. I've been visiting both the boyfriend in Bournemouth, where I also enjoy the company of his house mates, and I've visited (one of) my best friend(s) from uni, in York where she is currently doing her MA in English Lit. York is very big and very prettyful and I barely saw any of the treasures there. Though I did lose a glove. First thing I've lost permanently in a long time. It was a little strange experiencing her in a student house, since we'd both lived in halls for our three years at Lancaster. It was nice, though, and her house mates are lovely, too, which was good to see. It did feel a bit surreal at times though. I was experiencing someone incredibly familiar in a new setting, with a new social circle. We did the same things, and talked about the same things as we used to, but on sofas in a living room, not a small en suite bedroom, or a beige kitchen or a loud-but-comfortable bar or pizzetta. Ah well. We keep up our main communication through letters, cause her internet connection is dire, and we both enjoy getting pretty paperchase mail. <3

4. This week I'll be visiting my brother at his uni in Wales for two nights. The night I get there will be the Christmas ball, and it looks highly likely that I'll be crashing it with him! Glittery dresses ago-go. I can't wait. I do miss him, really. And he seems to be missing me. =)

5. And finally, I've applied for and been asked to interview for a Primary PGCE at Cambridge university. I need to prepare and present a 2 minute presentation on a worthwhile learning activity and explain how it will relate to my future teaching techniques, sustain a high level of one-to-one discussion with an experienced educator, do a group interview, do a time written task, and, now that I think about it, I need to fill in a form applying for a membership to a college and a backup choice. I am able to talk for about 3 minutes on what I will be saying in my presentation, but not actually give a coherent speech presentation yet. But at least I know what I will/want to say. And my neighbour has been very helpful and will give me help if I ask for it again. I'm actually incredibly nervous.

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