Thursday, 28 July 2011

Book Clubs, Jobs, Technology and all the baggage.

So I was going to keep going on about Too Much Happiness, but as it got nearer the point I would have a new computer, I thought "I'll just do a big entry when I've got a new computer". I was busy, see, fighting off all my admirers who'd ridden hundreds of miles on a white horse complete with lance and heavy armour and graduating at what have you. (Ok, the former isn't strictly true, but it's a nice day out and I'm feeling fanciful.)

Yes, I've graduated. It was mildly stressful, the build up to the ridiculous ceremony. I even got my damn certificates hours before hand! Could have just left, we could! But then we'd have missed out on the sheer silliness of the pomp that our academics are forced to go through every year. <3
And I'm just recovering from the weight of the robes and morterboard on my struggling posture. BUT I also got the most adorable runt-and-not-quite-right bear from the student shop, which I've named Sir Belmont (or Monty, for short) after the building I lived in the past 3 years. (Kudos to my friend Mel for that brilliant brain wave.)

<-- Here's me with my granddad, who was the one who decided Monty be in the picture, by the way.
I know the picture's a bit dark, but I've not got any editing stuff installed yet. Games were my priority. (Nerd)

So now that I've graduated I have to go on the dole - oops, I'm supposed to do that as I type - and look for jobs, until I can start my PGCE course (pending application) in 2012. I tell you what, there is nothing more demoralising to a cynic or pessimist than to be constantly rejected from jobs which offer training,but won't take you on because you don't already have the knowledge of a trained employee.
The way of the world sucks.

My new computer is nice and shiny though, and that'll keep my occupied when I'm not with my friends. Real beaut. Runs beautifully. <3 I might get a new monitor - either as a primary with my old as a secondary or just as a full-on replacement. Not sure yet. I can take my time and wait for a good deal to come along.
I've got a 2gb Nvidia GTX460, so it'd be a shame to not use it to its full potential on a wide screen >_> Gorgeous, it is. And with all the hard disk space I've got and the RAM, I've never experienced a computer starting up so quickly. <3 Might not last in a few years, when I've filled it up more, but you know. Enjoying it whilst I can.

My first attendance to the book club I joined was fun. The group is friendly and largely around my age, which is nice. I think one girl possibly even went to my sixth form... that or she just has one of those faces. I shall use that as a conversation starter. Our next book is for September, because this month is the Shakespeare festival. They're going to see Macbeth. I'd go, as much as I dislike the play, but I'm unsure yet as to how it'll work with my evening transport. :(
The book I'm reading (along side the Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman) is Nicole Krauss's The Great House, which is a novel set in three time periods or locations: New York, London and Jerusalem. I've had a gander at it, and the writing style appeals to me, so I should finish it quite quickly.

RE: Too Much Happiness - It's a good selection of stories, though I grew a bit lethargic towards the end. None of us had actually finished them all, but on the whole there was agreement that the last story (the title story) was a bit out of place in the collection which were set in Ontario, whilst this one was set in Russia. It's interesting though, and would have made a good novel.
I'm not a huge fan of short story collections, unless they're fairytales or something, but the writing style is so fluid and engaging that you enjoy being thrown mid-life-story each chapter.

I've actually got a massive cross stitch pattern to do for the 29th September, but I've not started it yet *eek*.
It's for my grandmother's birthday. Might take me a while... I'll get her a second present as compensation.

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