Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Best day in a while. :D

So I got through my group session part of the interview to take part in PGCE week alive. I had to do just a two minute lesson, but somehow mine felt really naff. Meh. I taught them to 'sing' (more of a chant, but whatever) the main verse to Alle Meine Entchen.
And then I had a good interview, after waiting an hour and 15 minutes in the bar, in a nice relaxed bubble, watching the world go by with an acquaintance friend person who also had an interview for the same thing. (There are 25 or so places)

And then I met with one of my BFFs whilst I did revision and laundry and her two BFFs from home were visiting and we had fun getting ice cream and then sitting in the bar and then watching Tangled in Kate's room. They were really nice and I felt completely at ease which was a lovely change :D Perhaps cause we had the same sort of quirks.

And then I got back to my flat and found out the results of my coursework. I've got 69 and 71 in my special subject (you get two grades from that, so it's double) which means I have a REAL chance of getting a first in my special subject if I ace my 2 exams, which I was feeling fairly confident about anyway, but now I'm totally putting the revision and work into it. :D
I HOPE that I do well enough this year to boost my overall degree to a first. If I don't make it, it'll still be pretty damn close, I think... so there'll be that crushing possibility.

Then I did three hours revision in the bar. I went through my sources and made notes. I've got important dates down to learn. And then I went through last year's exam 2 paper and answered ALL the questions (I need to answer 3 out of 9) and I'm strong on all but three or four, so I'm going to revise my weak spots, which are mostly to do with certain aspects behind Richard's foreign policy and the 1483 rebellion and the magnate-of-the-north-not-a-king thing. And how important his religious beliefs were politically - I have a fair idea, but maybe not enough for a KILLER essay, you know?

And I finally got my uncle's birthday present - see, he ordered it late, and then he had it sent to his house, so he had to wait for that, and then he checked it, and then I imagine he probably had to get around to sending it again to me. It's a gorgeous fountain pen. Really really nice. Look:

And I had a good chat with my favourite barman in the whole wide world. <3
SO.... Gooooooood day :D I'm all psyched.

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