Monday, 9 May 2011

Skydiving....sort of.

So for some reason I - and my brother in law and my sister (I don't have one, but go with it) were stow-aways or something on this big flying machine. We were caught and forced to put on really lame-looking form of parachute and to jump. No illegal stow-aways on THIS flight. Now, we were *really* high. Up in the clouds, perhaps even above, really. Brother in law jumped first, and I jumped with my sister, but our chutes were a bit tangled. Eventually I got hers fixed and then let mine off which naturally jerked me back up into the clouds a bit - it was made of some sort of white black-out material and there were a couple of balloons. Even in my dream I was a bit unsure about this form of safety, but never mind. I fell through the clouds, squinting hard for signs of the fields coming through. I landed, with a lot of rolling and freed myself. Seeing I was in open ground in strange lands, I ran towards some trees, where I met my brother in law. I told him about my and my sister's ordeal and he went to look for her whilst I went to look for shelter and/or help.

I ran across the fields and saw my house (house in real life that is) and went towards it, nervously. Turned out it was a sort of lodging place, and they said we could stay there, so long as I filled out these forms. I went to my room and went through the forms on my bed. Jesus they were stupid. I had to tell them every bank account I had ever opened and the tax returns and income I made from them (it was a cross between my tax return form and my CRB check form, which involves filling in every home you've had in the last 3 years, including uni and home lodging over the holidays).

My brother in law came in with my sister just as I realised I'd filled in the wrong section - one of my online-only accounts in the section where if I'd had a credit card, I'd fill it in.

I woke up just as I was getting frustrated and trying to erase the ink, but making it worse and smudging it and stuff.

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