Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Exams, Television and Good Literature

So, I've had my first exam: ''Sex and Violence in Imperial India 1856 - 1919"
Two questions in two hours.
Frankly, this was the easiest or hardest exam to revise for - easiest in that all I had to do was reread the key articles that I should have (and largely had) read for my seminars in the first term. Hardest because that's all I really had to do. I didn't feel I could make notes, and essay plans weren't all that helpful because there were only 15 questions I could go on from past papers or coursework topics.
So I answered the questions I felt I knew the most about. As intangible as that felt.
Something about how the regulation of prostitution was indicative of Imperial anxieties and racism, and the other on why the Ilbert Bill (1833) was so 'vociferously opposed'.

Think I did *ok*. My tutor doesn't appear to like the whole exam process and seems eager to give us points for whatever we say that she can read and give credit too.
But we'll see how that goes. Coursework-wise she's given me 69 and 66, and generally seems to like my writing style which tends to be to the point. I don't know whether I made enough points in the exam, and I certainly didn't feel my punchy self. But we'll see. I've not written it off yet.


T.V wise I've been pretty limited. See, I *was* on my way through marathoning House (but with revision breaks, obviously) when my external hard drive sort of... died. So that means everything I watch has to either be downloaded or streamed. I tend to try streaming, since that's less of a drain on my monthly download quota and my laptop's hard drive space.
I've started to give Durarara! a second chance - it had potential, and some of the story lines are going to be interesting, so we'll see how that goes again.
I'm also trying out Angel. I didn't like Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I was never interested in the spin off. Oddly, David Boreanaz is a bit more bearable in L.A. But I still wish he'd lose that stupid giant coat.
Cordelia is getting a little sharper, I guess. She's just identified a vampire by the fact there are no mirrors and a lot of curtains in his ''fortress-like home", so good for her!

Good Literature

I'm currently reading Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. See, we were looking for a video of my mother's, and naturally dug up a couple of extras, including CCF. I wanted to see it before I came to uni, but didn't have time. So I watched it on youtube. It's funny. I got the book, and that's funnier. I think it's going to become a solid favourite. <3
Apparently my mother loved it, so that's also nice.


e.f. bartlam said...


We used these blue books for ours...and I don't ever remember using less than three of those things per question.

Those are some of the most exhausting days of my life and spent four years in the Army.

Glad those days are behind me.

The questions sound interesting...be curious to know what you came up with.

shanodindryad said...

I recommend watching The Game of Thrones :)