Sunday, 2 January 2011

Yo-ho, yo-ho, the pirate's life for me...

I was out in a bay, about to return to my ship with the captain and one other member of the crew, when we were taken by very rough men belonging to another ship. I had a pistol sticking into my back as I carried the vegetables I'd acquired at the market. 

The captain on that ship was kinda ugly, and doing the usual - threatening us for information and our ship, holding a gun in my face so that my captain would co-operate. But then he redirected his gun and shot towards our ship - I saw my a member of my fellow crewmembers get hit - not too badly, probably just a graze, but I dashed to the side of the ship and climbed up on the side. The men with me wrestled the captain with a gun, whilst my own captain was yelling at me not to be stupid.

Then I did one of those only-in-the-movies dives into the sea, and swam towards the other side of my ship out of shooting range. I was pulled up on the anchor, and I rushed to the person I'd seen shot. The bullet had grazed one, but not significantly, and had hit another, who was the only other woman on the ship. I took her downstairs whilst the fighting ensued and dealt with her - it was probably just as well I was the one to sort her out, since it was her upper half and you know, in those days, it wasn't fittin' for a male to handle a woman's body in places like that. I bandaged her and then went up to see what was going on.

The people that had been with me on the attacking ship had somehow got back, and were drying off. The captain (who, incidentally, had morphed into a strange mix of Jack Sparrow exterior and Howl (from the book, not the film) personality or concerned annoyance for me). He told me off for being wreckless - I could have broken my neck, the water might have been more shallow than I thought, I could have been hit, the fall could have hurt me blah blah. Either way, I should go and dry out and get changed.
I changed my shirt and trousers and left my boots on deck to dry in the heat, then got around doing my share of the work - fixing the netting.

We got to an island and used the (wide) rivers as a sort of canal channel to cut through, rather than waste time going around. We could get off and walk and get wild fruit and game whilst we were at it - it was like a giant canal walk, really, on the bank. I walked along the riverbank which was full of lush greens and exotic pinks and blues. The ship loomed up next to me as it moved down the river - impossible in real life, but it was cool in my dream.

I took a small group with me to explore off the beaten path a bit, and we found a sort of temple complex ruin. I was looking at the statues and runes when a member of my 'team' called out that Someone I Know From Uni was coming. This person is unfortunately one of those people you sort of avoid when you see coming. We all scrambled into nooks and crannies trying to avoid him - one or two of us hid behind this sort of alter. He must have noticed movement from where he was, cause he came looking around and stuff.

He found us; as I was the principal person in the group he knew, I remained hidden and tried to move around the alter at the same time as he did, so that he didn't spy me at all - but he did. He was quite merry about it and we all laughed - even if there were those of us who didn't feel too pleased about him finding us inside.

Then the phone rang as I was trying to continue dreaming :(

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