Saturday, 1 January 2011

All my New Years rubbish

I thought I'd group everything New Year's related (apart from what I did on the night) into this one post, just to save all the boring, stereotypical and rehashed material from seeping into my entire blog in general. Then those that are not interested can simply ignore this entry. Aren't I considerate? One of my qualities.

Stuff I learned in 2010
  1. Change can be hard to reconcile oneself with, but it'll have to be reconciled in order to get on with things.
  2. Rumtopf requires rum that is not sold in ordinary supermarkets - it has to be import, even if it's ''made in London''.
  3. That children are an absolute certainty in any of my life plans.
  4. That I am a hopeless as a regular blogger.
  5. That I am able to use the Bend It Like Beckham Off-side rule explanation as an analogy for the 3rd Crusade.
  6. How much people just come and go in a person's life.
  7. That I still hate all the popular Christmas songs as much as I did when I was younger.
  8. In that vein, how influential an online campaign can be - even if it was just for fun and otherwise inane.
  9. That WoW is not for me, in the long-term.
  10. I feel quite funky when using a screw driver or any other building equipment otherwise associated with men rather than women. It's stupid, I know, but get over it. =|

New Years Resolutions that won't be kept
  1. Maintain the weight I currently am - or rather, not put on any more, cause losing it again is tricky. 
  2. Tone said weight gain so that it's less noticeable to my own conscience.
  3. Get at least a 2.1 in my degree - I definitely will, unless I do no work whatsoever this year, so at least I'll be keeping this one.
  4. Have a proper clear out of clothes and shit once uni is finished. Those pjs are getting old and so are many of my everyday wear tops.
  5. Not to take life choices too lightly.  

Happy New Year everybody!!

What I hope for in 2011
  1. To be happy for most part.
  2. To be healthy.
  3. To get that degree without a glitch.
  4. To get a first - but I'll be happy if I get a 2.1 (just like everybody else...)
  5. To find a good voluntary/paid placement as a classroom assistant.
 Not really asking for much, I guess.

I'm not going to do all that crappy self-reflecting stuff - I do that enough in my diary or once in a while during the year. I don't need to reflect on 2010 as a whole, because I did it in chunks anyway, if only because I think in academic years, rather than calender years.

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