Thursday, 2 September 2010

Evil hair dressers and a computer game that's all too real.

So I went to get my hair cut, and they'd redecorated Enigma, the place I usually get it done. I've got an appointment with Nat, the new girl, since my usual is the favourite amongst clientèle and she's fully booked.(¬_¬;)

I'm quite nervous about letting new hands mess with my hair - especially since that awful woman messed it up last time. But I took my seat and waited for her to start. When my hair was washed, she asked if I wanted a full make over, and I for some reason said yes.
It started with mascara and a scary scary way of curling eyelashes - they were normal looking eyelash curlers, but they were dipped in water that was sitting in a metal bowl on white-hot coals. I had to really struggle to keep my eyes open: I'm quite squeamish with things coming towards my eyes that I can't control, and this thing was boiling hot once dipped into the water. I had my eyelashes curled, then she produced some fake eyelashes - fortunately these were self adhesive, (I'm terrified by the idea of putting glue anywhere near my eyes) and she asked if I wanted them above or underneath my natural lashes. I said on top, cause then I could close my eyes whilst she did it. She also did eyeliner, and I ended up having thick black liner like this ->
Yes, I'd been given eyeliner similar to that of an Ancient Egyptian in a school play or film, with fake eyelashes. Wth. And black lipstick. I looked a fright. And they painted my nails whilst we waited for the hair dresser to be ready to do my hair. At this point I told Kate and Hannah that I *really* didn't want to go through with my hair being cut here, so they helped me to escape when it became clear I couldn't just leave now and pay for the make up doing.

Once escaped I got back home and took off my fake eyelashes, which peeled off in the same way as Madame Medusa's in The Rescuers, except of course I was left with my own mascarafied natural lashes, unlike this monster.

I went to meet my friend, Sam, and we were in a huge decadent marble hallway, by a sort of vortex. We couldn't go through the vortex, and we each had to choose a weapon, which would transport us to our destined destinations. He picked some badass double-handed war hammer, with an intricate handle, whilst I went for something slightly less badass. It was a bit tall for me, but Sam told me to just break the handle in two - I did, and it reformed its handle, so I just had a longsword. We spun the things in a circle over our heads, and were separated - transported to different places. I was really sad about this, but when I was dumped in the middle of nowhere, I kept walking along the path I'd been given. I came across this strange looking woman being jostled by a group of pigmen, (as in pig-like humanoids) and picked a fight with them to get them off her back. I killed two whilst the third went running off. I spoke the woman, who then said she'd help me if I helped her get to her son, who was held captive in the headquarters of these pigmen. We broke in, but then I woke up.

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