Friday, 13 August 2010


Someone recently asked me if I'd considered doing "vlogging" (Video Blogging). I replied honestly: never really thought about it as something I'd want to do.

My brother does, sort of. The odd comment, or message, piano-playing or something he had to do for media or school (these can be very good). [shameless plug for him:] Unfortunately he's removed his best work, The Life Of Jim, cause of file size and such.

My grandmother also does videos, but they're not vlogs, they're wildlife videos and the like.

I've been watching Nerimon's latest videos (ok, they're going back to about April, but that's cause I don't visit Youtube even monthly, and the emails I relied on have stopped being sent).
It seems like a lot of fun. I like to think I'd come up with stuff as interesting, but if I'm honest, I'd probably be camera shy after a while. I also don't like the tone of my voice, so that's another reason not to.

Going by this, I probably do better writing about things than talking about things. Maybe one day. My brother did once ask if I'd do some with him, but I shyly declined. I dunno what it is, I feel bashful with video cameras around, whereas normally I'm not really that bashful.

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