Monday, 16 August 2010

Spider-man can be a useless sod sometimes.

Ok, this dream was one of those where you see everything from the first person, even if you know you're not actually Spider-man, or some small girl, or the girl's mother, or her father.

Yeah, Spidey, why doesn't
anything work?
Anyway, we were running through this warehouse, into a series of small outhouses that had been real houses but converted for whatever evil organisation this was. We came to a dead end, and whilst spidey tried, he couldn't produce anything useful out of his veins, or at the very least stick to the ceiling, and so he gave up and just tried to move the stacked tea cups, hiding a bell, attached to a long line of string, which would trigger an alarm. He failed. He dropped three cups and the bell rang, and as we started to scrabble away at the piled furniture, the mob or whatever was after us arrived. They dragged the father of the girl away, and the mother and daughter, and spider-man, went back to wherever they were being forced to work. Seemed like factory work.

Then I (this time it was indeed me) was trying to work out a way of getting as many people free as possible. It was all girls in my division, and a lot of them couldn't run that fast. Not that I'm all that fit these days, either.
Now this time, the place we were working was a lot like my house... actually, it was my house, just without the people living in it. We battered some woman over the head, and I let some out of the back door, and some out of the side door, whilst going to the garage with another 3 or 4 people, to grab some shoes and to get out the front. We had a meeting place, it was just a case of getting there. We were to sneak round to the windowless side of the garage, go up the drift way, past all the hedging and through the neighbours' gardens, where dogs weren't allowed to follow. But we were seen, and whilst I delayed the reaction a little by setting the garage door (which is electric) to close, we were soon being pursued. The others got away ok, but this one set of twin girls from my primary school were having trouble and I was trying to run whilst pulling them along.

Eventually we made it to the ditch, I got them across and made them run ahead into the garden next door, to escape through hedges and thick trees and stuff. It was very Penny-in-the-swamp in The Rescuers, just minus the damn alligators.
I don't know whether I got away, cause I woke up after feeling incredibly stiff from unused adrenaline. But if I didn't, I think I'd have been 'done away with' like that guy at the start of the dream, or treated like Ginger from Chicken Run

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