Friday, 20 August 2010

Plotting (100th post!)

So my second dissertation proposal ''showed promise'' but was still ''too big''.
So now I have to decide to either:
  1. Write about transvestite saints as a group
  2. One female saint from each category I'd outlined (Pious Housewife, transvestite monk and desert solitary)
  3. Mary of Egypt's life and how the versions over millennia have changed in emphasis and meaning.
 All of which could be potentially interesting or potentially stale. \o/

I've also got to plot my trips to London. On Monday, I've the coach journeys sorted, I just need to work out when and where to meet my friend, and which tube line to get back and stuff. Should print off a map or write out what I'm doing.
I also want to get planning the big trip to London with my friends - so far we seem to be going on the 9th Sept, but that's subject to change based on money and work timetables. >.<
I guess I just like to know what I'm doing.
I've also been attempting to plan various trips for the History Society.

I've been looking for new clothes, and have some on order, and I'm going shopping again in town soon for stuff I would rather try on instead of ordering online.
I'm getting a new look with my new wardrobe - this isn't just a ''season'' clear out. Half my everyday clothes are actually 2 or 3 years old and are starting to look it. Must remember to get some basic tshirts and things, as well as the nicer stuff.

And I've ordered some cross stitch patterns - three for my friends, since one or two in particular would definitely squee over the cuteness that these are. I hope to have them done by Christmas, at the latest.

*Sigh* Getting a new look and spending money  I'm not spending on trains and coaches to Bournemouth this year and expanding my hobbies is all very well, but it's still only a temporary distraction.

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