Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dream Diary 2

I was in the bar at uni, and it was bustling with loads of people as I desperately tried to make sure that everything was arranged properly - the ''bunting'', flowers, tables, food on tables, people that should be there etc. I was wearing my black dress with the insane amount of glitter on. Finally, Kate came in, dressed in a long red prom dress, looking rather gorgeous. She introduced me to the baby she was carrying, who was about 3 months, and couldn't quite sit up properly. I had no baby seat. I had to make sure he wouldn't fall off the small wooden chair by the table, as I noted how like his hair was to Linus from the Charlie Brown and Snoopy show (picture to the left). He kept smiling at me, and he was in a cute pair of baby dungarees, with little booties and a soft top. He felt like a baby should, but his hair was distinctly yellow. Poor thing. And I think I might have asked if someone who was sitting down would take him on his lap.

I talked to Kate and she thanked me for sorting everything and checked that I had a different outfit for tomorrow, and I had my hist soc exec shirt - which I did. I can't describe the second outfit, but it was suitable for the wedding; more so than what I was wearing.

I went for a picture of Charlie Brown,
 to keep in with the Linus thing
I was standing by the wall, when this guy I know but for embarrassment reasons won't name (really dunno why I dreamed this bit at all; not that fond of the guy) came and talked to me, and asked if there was anything he could do, and complimented me on all the effort I'd gone to. I thanked him, and went to kiss him on the cheek in greeting, but ended up giving him a smacker on the lips, leaving lipstick there. [I don't wear lipstick] He looked embarrassed, and I apologised, but he said 'no, don't worry about it', and then leaned in to kiss me again, but properly. It was nice.
Then I had to go, taking my bag of spare clothes with me, to check into the room I was renting, which looked a lot like the one I'm in at the moment.

Next thing I knew I had to go upstairs, to change, and found that my legs weren't as clean-shaven as I'd thought, and looked as though I'd not shaven in about 3 days, so I hunted around my drawers for a pair of nude tights, only to find an old pair that I don't particularly like, and pulling those on, and strapping myself into my black shoes, which actually don't go with anything other than black tights, but I guess they looked nicer in the dream.

I went outside, to join in with the posh wedding party dancing and stuff, and then I woke up.

The wedding, as far as I know, hadn't actually taken place, just that the party came first. =s And I have no idea who the groom was supposed to be. Ah well. I hope Kate's happy, and that the Linus baby wasn't killed or mislaid when I randomly left him behind.

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