Friday, 13 August 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strain).

I've got an idea of where my dissertation should be going, if I did some reading now. So that's good.

I've almost finished the embroidering my mother started over a decade ago.

The Boyfriend and I are currently in a state of ''not''. That is to say, we had a less than thoroughly pleasant conversation, and now we're just friends, but with lingeringness on each side. It sucks, but I'm sticking to my guns this time. If we still have lingeringness in May or June, it might well be different and we get to do that wonderful beginning romancing all over again. If not, at least we're still friends. And we always will be.
Maybe I'm still in a state of shock, or it's the fact that we can still talk to each other whenever we like, but I'm feeling quite strange about it all. I'm sad, but at the same time it feels as though maybe it's just a stupid conversation and nothing's really changed.

I've switched to Google Chrome. Whether temporarily or not, I'm a bit dubious. I hate how everything has shifted left, and not been rescaled to adjust to the massive space left from not having a bookmarks bar down the side. But I do love the Manga Reader app.

I met some people from before uni. I'd not spoken to them in nearly two and a half years. I'll be honest, there was a lot of bad feeling on my part. I'd never felt so betrayed and alone and such after certain happenings with them, but I'd decided that if I saw one of them in particular, I'd speak to her. The others all seem to have grown up and improved at uni, as well. And I might well meet up with them all, or one or two individually, again before I go back to Ooop Norf. (Up North for you illiterates)

So that's all my catchy-up stuff out of the way. I felt as though I couldn't really write about stuff because I just had that massive not so nice patch. Technically it's only been a week since the third paragraph happened.

I'm no longer seeing Sonic Boom Six tomorrow (shame, actually) but I am still going to Bad Religion with him and The Brother on the 23rd.
Couldda seen SBS on the 11th in town, but then I'd had not met people and I'd have had nobody to go with, since my brother is underage for the premises, and anyway I didn't know when they were here.

And I'm going to a friend's wedding on the 28th, so that'll be nice. ^_^

I'll try to be more interesting again, so that the two proper followers I have don't feel as though that was a wasted calorie spent on clicking the follow button.

Oh, and check out this adorable piece of adorableness. Suck it, Chrome. (click for enlargementness)

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