Monday, 7 June 2010

Dissertation and Distractions

So I've finally chosen a dissertation title. Yay~

Well, it's a provisional one until/in case I think of something more... catchy. My friend's doing women and science in the Renaissance and has named it ''Hunters vs. Gatherers". Mine's less succinct at the moment, with 'Extreme Methods of Escape Bodily Confines".
I'll focus on the motivations and reasons for an austere life, and individual case studies including Francis of Assisi, Origen (a genius that interpreted passages of the bible so literally he castrated himself, for "if your arm or leg is your undoing, cut it off and fling it away") and various others that suffered mental and physical starvation in the hopes to purify their souls. Apparently Socrates even more or less gave up on life in order to free his soul from the tomb of his body.

But today I had fun touching up this photo for my grandmother. It's of my grandad and his older brother, and is about 75 years old.

 I had to remove loads of scratches, and marks coming through from the back, and a pen mark.

Unfortunately there was only so much that I could do about the thinned areas of ink showing the back through.

Was oddly a fun exercise. Learned stuff as I went, too.

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