Friday, 4 June 2010

Dissertation and degeneration into childhoodness

On the one hand, I've been reading quite complicated material, trying to grasp what I can use and write 10,000 words on The Body and Christian Worship. I'm quite eager to look into the influences and motivations of individual ascetics to lead such lives - starving the body and mind beyond just chastity and the odd day of the year without eating, and even what would now-a-days be considered self-harm, in an effort to experience divine ecstasy and jubilation.

There are quite a few prominent figures, and they tend to be women - you get the odd extreme holy man. Francis of Assisi, for example, is the first person and only male in my period to receive stigmata. And particularly gruesome they were, too.
There were many attitudes towards extreme versions of asceticism. Probably because they realised the trouble fasting could be - one woman refused to eat and to marry  her widowed brother in law until he'd changed his attitude towards women in general. Nice.

Plus there's the age-old opinion that everything should be done in moderation.

On the other hand, I've made a load of discoveries where childhood programs are concerned on youtube. Entire series people have put up. I must confess I spent a lot of time yesterday compiling play lists. I guess I just like having something incredibly simple to listen to/watch in the background as I read through all this material.
It was also rather nice, because on cassette tapes made when I was small, for the car, I'd remember theme tunes to obscure shows, but had no idea what the show was called - Junglies was the main one - if I'd not thought to see if I'd imagined a t.v. show of Nelly the Elephant, I wouldn't have found the wiki page of the creators and found that the Junglies was the other show they'd made, and found the intro video on youtube. That's one less thing to nag at the back of my subconscious whenever I'm reminiscing past television shows.

So whilst I'm transcending the world of regular half-hat study into the ''heavens'' of independent research and confusion, I'm also feeling my leisure attention span degrading into that of a 2-10 year old, watching shows that were less than 15 minutes long per episode, cartoon, rarely had proper talking, or, well. The Demon Headmaster.

But Maulwurf is a treasure that I'm glad is buyable on DVD. <3

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