Tuesday, 4 May 2010

You wait for a day or two for your mind to work, then all the activity comes at once.

I've just sent out about 15 emails to schools in the Bournemouth area, asking about any work experience placements they might have. I do not expect to get one, largely because so far, the one school I was told to rely on hasn't got back to me yet (I'm the *only* person my age that is able to travel easily to that school, or, for that matter, heard of it) and all the others have either replied saying the placements have been given away, or they don't do them.

I have only been applying to Bournemouth because I plan to stay there for a month or so during the summer, and I thought that if I could get some teaching experience whilst I was at it, that'd be brilliant. It's no big deal if I don't get any before September: I'll just have to get work experience in my 3rd year at uni, and the year out that'll result of my not applying for a teaching course this September coming.

I was mildly panicked by the idea of not getting to apply this year, but on second thoughts, it actually might be better this way; I get a full year to get myself sorted outside of uni. I can get more work experience as I go, I can learn to drive without pressure of a date to be driving by, and I can get a post-graduate job whilst I wait and do these things. I actually am somewhat relieved to have this somewhat flexible option; I can get my head together, decide if it's completely what I want to do, and I can above all have a break from the education sector before plunging back into the world of essays.

It did mean that my brain was whirring into gear, planning the future, thinking about whether I should rent a place, buy one, where to look, about what funds I'll have after I'm 21, whom I'd be living with, if anybody, whether I'd be at home, the horrible realisation that I'd be completely independent - I'm fairly independent, even for a student (trust me, you dependants don't get half the debt I'm raking up from the government) but I know I'm still being 'kept', as it were; by the government, my grandparents over the holidays. I've always got a room at home, and I've got a chauffeur at the start and end of the academic years. Whilst this is cushty, I can't *wait* to start driving. It's actually worth my time to start to learn, either this summer or the next, so I will look into that. I've saved up some money to support myself in that.

I'll just have to keep looking ahead a few months at a time, from May 21st (my last exam). I've already decided more or less when I'll be spending my holiday in Bournemouth, and at home, and I've got to start thinking about when to stick my things into storage.

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