Sunday, 30 May 2010

Catchy Up

It's been a busy... however many weeks it's been since I wrote in this. As you know, I had to cram about a year's worth of learning into about 3 weeks to get through my exams. I'll be honest: I was majorly stressed, and if it weren't for my friends on the course, and off the course, I'd have had a mini break down. Maybe. Or not. But it definitely helped to socialise and revise at the same time - it was helpful talking though topics with people. For two of the courses, it was certainly the way to go. For the other 3, it was better to go it alone. Either way, I think I've scraped through - bloody hope so, cause whilst I enjoyed being forced into creativity in the exam, I don't want to do it again!

I've just got back from lovely Bournemouth. I hadn't seen Sam since the 5th April, so it was really good to be there, despite the mess the house was in. I tidied a bit though, and just resigned to the fact that his house mates and he are somewhat hopeless. He won't be if he lives with girls and other clean people though - it's got to that point where if one person is lazy, the next feels he can be and it spirals into the out-of-controlness that the house was in. Bathroom was a LOT cleaner than last time though <3

This blog was started in the hopes it'd be amazing and descriptive and full of detail and perhaps even too long to be reader-friendly. I seem to have changed my mind - I'm currently uploading photos and stuff for my photo a day album and just general pictures onto facebook, whilst chatting with a friend about stuff. Hm. What to say what to say.

Oo. Saw Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time last night. It was a pleasant surprise. With the exception of the lead female, all the actors were well chosen, not annoying in the least, and the film was actually quite good. Give it at least a 65, possibly a 70/100. Maybe. For a film made out of a game, it was exceptional. Especially from what tiny clip I saw of the Street Fighter film later that evening after the Eurovision was finished at one of Sam's friend's house.

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