Sunday, 2 May 2010

20 years ago, Madonna was top of the charts with 'Vogue'.

As you can probably surmise from the picture, it's my birthday, and I'm a whopping 20 years old.


I've had a good bank holiday weekend of it though. Meal with a few close (as close as I've got to anybody at uni) friends at a Tapas restaurant and a drink on Friday, then seeing Sherlock Holmes at the student cinema on Saturday, followed by take-away and Mulan in my friend's room.
Tonight it's a drink or two in the bar after revising all day (well, in my case, revising for a couple of hours and getting distracted by filling the gaps in my Photo A Day album, after the palaver with my camera) with the same people I've seen all this weekend. But it's cool, cause we all get on, all have a laugh, and all need the same break in the evenings.

All that's really been missing, this year, apart from my presents from home (what with the volcano going off, there was a bit of a delay in present-getting, but I didn't ask for much anyway) was The Boyfriend, some strawberries (I've a craving atm) and chocolate to dip them in. =P

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