Sunday, 30 May 2010

Catchy Up

It's been a busy... however many weeks it's been since I wrote in this. As you know, I had to cram about a year's worth of learning into about 3 weeks to get through my exams. I'll be honest: I was majorly stressed, and if it weren't for my friends on the course, and off the course, I'd have had a mini break down. Maybe. Or not. But it definitely helped to socialise and revise at the same time - it was helpful talking though topics with people. For two of the courses, it was certainly the way to go. For the other 3, it was better to go it alone. Either way, I think I've scraped through - bloody hope so, cause whilst I enjoyed being forced into creativity in the exam, I don't want to do it again!

I've just got back from lovely Bournemouth. I hadn't seen Sam since the 5th April, so it was really good to be there, despite the mess the house was in. I tidied a bit though, and just resigned to the fact that his house mates and he are somewhat hopeless. He won't be if he lives with girls and other clean people though - it's got to that point where if one person is lazy, the next feels he can be and it spirals into the out-of-controlness that the house was in. Bathroom was a LOT cleaner than last time though <3

This blog was started in the hopes it'd be amazing and descriptive and full of detail and perhaps even too long to be reader-friendly. I seem to have changed my mind - I'm currently uploading photos and stuff for my photo a day album and just general pictures onto facebook, whilst chatting with a friend about stuff. Hm. What to say what to say.

Oo. Saw Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time last night. It was a pleasant surprise. With the exception of the lead female, all the actors were well chosen, not annoying in the least, and the film was actually quite good. Give it at least a 65, possibly a 70/100. Maybe. For a film made out of a game, it was exceptional. Especially from what tiny clip I saw of the Street Fighter film later that evening after the Eurovision was finished at one of Sam's friend's house.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"It's so bad that it's good"

"It's so bad that it's good": everybody knows at least one film like that (Clash of the Titans!!!).

 The same can be said about quite a few free-and-available-online harlequin novels. Be it the short story of a Spanish Antonio-Banderas-'Custodian' and the new school teacher, each with pirate roots (it's so very very very very strained, that sub plot) or a longer, slightly disturbing but hilarious story of a stereotypical Scarlet-O'Hara-wannabe falling in love with a rogue who might or might not have been a highway robber, and finding a way out of the horrendous marriage her parents' have lined up for her (a rapist-vocabulary-using rake), Harlequins are frankly fantastic books to read if your brain simply doesn't want to work.

<--- Exhibit A: A stereotypical romance novel book cover, as seen on Google image search.

After long months of reading tedious or interesting articles on historical people, events, periods or whatever, it can be a great relief to read something incredibly stupid. Harlequins cover that. Ok, yeah, most men will go with the argument that it's just ''porn for bookworms'', and I agree that some of them are as bad as those porn films men apparently watch with the poor backstory or plot. Some of them, I just skim through wondering why the author bothered with the introductory descriptions and dialogue and didn't just get straight to the dirty, since that was pretty much what the entire 4 or 5 pages of a short story consisted of, or was for.

The *best* kind, though, if you are looking for a real laugh, is the sort with disturbingly detailed scenes, cheesy dialogue (preferably in an attempt to sound worldly, either on the author's part, or the characters') and the main lovers of the tale ending up married after falling in love in the space of 3 nights and 2 conversations. If the author shows great knowledge of period clothing, then all the better.

Great Literature, I love thee, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need something that is honestly so awful that I'm tempted to rewrite it myself. <3

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

You wait for a day or two for your mind to work, then all the activity comes at once.

I've just sent out about 15 emails to schools in the Bournemouth area, asking about any work experience placements they might have. I do not expect to get one, largely because so far, the one school I was told to rely on hasn't got back to me yet (I'm the *only* person my age that is able to travel easily to that school, or, for that matter, heard of it) and all the others have either replied saying the placements have been given away, or they don't do them.

I have only been applying to Bournemouth because I plan to stay there for a month or so during the summer, and I thought that if I could get some teaching experience whilst I was at it, that'd be brilliant. It's no big deal if I don't get any before September: I'll just have to get work experience in my 3rd year at uni, and the year out that'll result of my not applying for a teaching course this September coming.

I was mildly panicked by the idea of not getting to apply this year, but on second thoughts, it actually might be better this way; I get a full year to get myself sorted outside of uni. I can get more work experience as I go, I can learn to drive without pressure of a date to be driving by, and I can get a post-graduate job whilst I wait and do these things. I actually am somewhat relieved to have this somewhat flexible option; I can get my head together, decide if it's completely what I want to do, and I can above all have a break from the education sector before plunging back into the world of essays.

It did mean that my brain was whirring into gear, planning the future, thinking about whether I should rent a place, buy one, where to look, about what funds I'll have after I'm 21, whom I'd be living with, if anybody, whether I'd be at home, the horrible realisation that I'd be completely independent - I'm fairly independent, even for a student (trust me, you dependants don't get half the debt I'm raking up from the government) but I know I'm still being 'kept', as it were; by the government, my grandparents over the holidays. I've always got a room at home, and I've got a chauffeur at the start and end of the academic years. Whilst this is cushty, I can't *wait* to start driving. It's actually worth my time to start to learn, either this summer or the next, so I will look into that. I've saved up some money to support myself in that.

I'll just have to keep looking ahead a few months at a time, from May 21st (my last exam). I've already decided more or less when I'll be spending my holiday in Bournemouth, and at home, and I've got to start thinking about when to stick my things into storage.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

20 years ago, Madonna was top of the charts with 'Vogue'.

As you can probably surmise from the picture, it's my birthday, and I'm a whopping 20 years old.


I've had a good bank holiday weekend of it though. Meal with a few close (as close as I've got to anybody at uni) friends at a Tapas restaurant and a drink on Friday, then seeing Sherlock Holmes at the student cinema on Saturday, followed by take-away and Mulan in my friend's room.
Tonight it's a drink or two in the bar after revising all day (well, in my case, revising for a couple of hours and getting distracted by filling the gaps in my Photo A Day album, after the palaver with my camera) with the same people I've seen all this weekend. But it's cool, cause we all get on, all have a laugh, and all need the same break in the evenings.

All that's really been missing, this year, apart from my presents from home (what with the volcano going off, there was a bit of a delay in present-getting, but I didn't ask for much anyway) was The Boyfriend, some strawberries (I've a craving atm) and chocolate to dip them in. =P