Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Twice the holiday length, twice the length my tan will stick around.

Those of you that know me will think 'nah, she doesn't have one', but I do. It's true. Not in the same league as my melatonin-hogging brother, but I do actually have one. So nyeh.

Contrary to the image I'm giving off at the moment, I don't actually sit around trying to get one - I gave up on that about 5 years ago. The fact I got one is just a fancy bonus to my holiday. Remember, kids, there's no such thing as a healthy tan. Skin Cancer is lurking everywhere.

So an entire week and a day late, I'm finally back in Lancaster. I've caught up on the few episodes of things I could, I've attempted to force my body to sleep past 9am Kenya Time (7am here) and failed, and I've just taken the damn Malaria tablet which I need to keep taking for another 4 weeks.

Today begins my revision: Sort out which themes were covered where, go to the odd lecture if I've been told about it, and start to revise perhaps 5 topics per module: 3 thoroughly, and cover 2 intermediately. You can't revise everything; that'd be stupid. At most, there'll only be 3 questions to do in one paper, and you get to choose from about 10.

I've started to decide what to do for my birthday, if anything. Of course, everything is as up in the air or on the floor as the various bits and pieces of my packing and bags in my room. C'est la vie de la student. =/

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