Friday, 2 April 2010

Surprises at 10.30am.

At around 10am, I lay in my bed, awaiting the noises that signalled my Grandfather'd left the bathroom. It was the second longish sleep I'd had since getting home, since my brother still had to go to Sixth Form until yesterday. I got up, brushed my teeth and combed my hair, then dealt with the now-opened cut burn on my finger. My grandmother fussed and tried to get me to get dressed, took any clothes that needed washing (my jeans, and cause she needed something else, my hoody) and then when I was talking on the landing with her, the doorbell rang.

Granddad was in the kitchen eating, and yelled "can somebody answer that" - Grandmother looked at me, but I just gave her the "not in my skimpy pjs I'm not" look. She opened the door, and a voice said "Hello, there" and I saw jeans-clad legs come through the door, as my grandmother said "she's not got dressed yet. Tried, but she'd only just got up".

It was quite strange. A grinning face looked up at me, and for some reason, it  was The Boyfriend. All I could managed was a very surprised "hi!" and "you're a bit early" - by that I meant that he's supposed to be in Bournemouth and arriving  in Cambridge this evening. He took his shoes off, came up stairs and hugged me. I'd at some point retreated to my room to put a fleece on over my pjs. Maybe when he was taking his shoes off? 

It was so utterly surreal, a shock, and I couldn't get my mind to work; I quickly realised that my grandmother and boyfriend had been in cahoots, and she knew exactly what was going on. I stood there in with my arms around him, overwhelmed by the sheer shock of his arriving. Hell, keeping a secret or arranging a surprise without letting anything (except, as I look back, a thoroughly decoy story) on, which is something he usually fails to do, since he can't contain his excitement or anxiety that I should like a surprise that he got me.

I was horribly aware that I was pale, pasty, had red-raw nostrils from blowing my nose constantly, a stuffed-up-nose-sounding voice, and my pjs were ending their week life-span. He'd seen me first thing in the morning before - but somehow the being caught off my guard so utterly was enough to make me feel really shy. He took me into my room and hugged and kissed me, telling me how he'd arranged for him to come round with my grandmother via Facebook, since he knew she checked it fairly frequently, and that he planned this all last week.

I managed to persuade him to let me get changed, and I had a chance to get my head together properly as I got changed into some clothes, and to splash some water on my face in the sanctuary of the bathroom.
When I emerged, I found him talking with my grandmother in her room, and I joined the pair of schemers, each were individually quite pleased with themselves, I could tell.

Apparently, the expression on my face when I saw who it was, and then when he came up stairs to hug me was worth it. The Boyfriend had wanted to buy me flowers, but as I'm going abroad on Tuesday, he thought it would be better not to - I'd not be here to enjoy them. For me, it was the ability to enjoy an extra day with him (I haven't seen him in over 5 weeks) before I go was more than enough.

It was certainly the best day I've had in a while, and the nicest surprise.

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