Sunday, 4 April 2010

Searching high and low then NOM NOM NOM

Easter is here.

I'd actually not thought we'd get chocolates or anything since we're going away in two days, but I happened upon my grandmother in my brother's room, who whipped around with her hands behind her back concealing the goods, and a shocked look on her face.

Whoops. She came into my room later and dumped the bag on my bed, but I moaned and pouted so she banished me elsewhere whilst  she made it particularly a difficult hunt this year. And it was well done - I've only in the past hour or properly looking found the final one, which was actually in a stupidly obvious place. Sort of. I checked behind videos on one side of my shelf, but not behind a pile of dvds on the other - which is where it was snuggly hidden.

It was actually rather nice having them in the not-so-usual places; on the window ledge edges behind my curtains, on the shoulder of a dislodged stuffed toy, drawers, behind things, in my roll of toilet paper (I used up the box of tissues, and actually find the loo roll kinder to my nose) etc.

My brother has yet to find his final one - it's harder for him; his is a small one left, whilst mine had fairly limited (but still took me a while, cause I was being overly thorough) places in which it could be, being a loaf of marzipan in a silly packet.

I was looking for an Easter-y picture, and found this one amongst all the twee stuff.

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