Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ka-boom 2.0

Despite experts saying that test flights were fine, and that the ash would be cleared by Thursday, the volcano has once again erupted, throwing their predictions out of the water AND a US Fighter Plane sustained damage to its engines flying over. I say 'Bah' to those 30 short test flights. I sure as hell am not risking being on the plane that crashes and burns - crashes. and. burns.

So we were hoping to get to Barcelona by the 26th, but what with the whole thing ''easing off'', we waited 48 hours too long and have missed the boat, so to speak, and now won't get to Cairo till the 28th. My grandmother has asked friends in Cairo to book her a room, but if they've not replied by tomorrow morning, we'll book one ourselves: decisive action needs to be taken before the 30th. If we're not in Cairo before we get kicked out of Hemingways, we'll be stranded in Nairobi, and that is a disaster zone: full hotels, fewer flight connections, one air line and no internet on tap to sort things out. At least in Cairo, the airport is visited multiple times a day by many European airlines, as well as of course having Egypt Air which goes pretty much everywhere in Europe. We need to get to Mainland Europe - anywhere, even if it's Greece, and find our way to Germany. Once there, we can chill at my Great Uncle's flat and sort something out - ferry from Holland, probably, since Spain is currently chuka-block with British Tourists trying to be 'repatriated'.

The even more depressing thing is that instead of being fortified, my tan is *fading*. Good lord. I've been forced to use a lower factor sun cream, cause we ran out and had to buy more (there was a limited selection) and the skin that was brown is fading again! I don't try to tan, but at this rate my face will be the only thing brown when I get back.
If I miss some exams, they'll all be deferred to late August. It'll suck, and also cost me yet more money, since I have no house nor room to stay in, and shall have to rent one on campus. Lame~

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