Sunday, 18 April 2010

Escape Plans

With meterologist reports growing steadily more depressing - such as "the lava is very thick and low in basalt, and high in silicone. This could lead to more explosions with more ash and debris being thrown into the air" and "there's no wind! It's all just staying put!" - the small group of us stuck here at the hotel have been devising many plots (growing more and more complicated as various bridges burn in our way) to just get out of here.

Plan A: Fly to Italy, get a train to the border. Get my grandmother's brother to pick us up and drive us to Holland after putting us up for the night.
Flaw: Can't book a flight to Italy, cause Kenya Airways doesn't want to risk it.

Plan B: Fly to New York and get a boat across the Big Blue.
Flaw: Direct flights to New York are now non-existant, and they all stop over in Frankfurt, London or Paris.

Plan C: Fly to Gibraltar and swim across to Spain!
Flaw: Nobody wants to do that, and we have luggage.

Plan D: Fly to Portugal or Spain and get a ferry to Southampton, possibly dropping in on The Boyfriend in Bournemouth, or my cousin Alan at his uni digs before getting a coach or train to Cambridge.
Flaw: Can't book the flights.

Plan E: Wait it out.
Flaw: We don't want it to turn into months.

Plan F: Fly to Morocco, get a ferry across to Spain or, if possible, Majorca, where a family here has a 9-seater car, and can then take us and themselves onto a ferry to Spain and then we drive to North Spain to get a ferry to Southampton. Or we can be dropped off in Germany and get Great Uncle KJ to give us a lift to Holland, where we might well have a better chance of getting on the ferry as foot passengers.
Flaw: Not certain that once we get to Morocco, there'll be flights out there. Though I suppose we can check online first.

...dunno if it'll all stay as speculation - it's certainly fun, but I don't really want to get stranded somewhere else either!

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