Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Days 4-7 of my Kenyan Experience 4.0

Ok, so I've failed miserably to keep this going, but in all honesty, apart from the odd walk around the gardens, and meeting people, I've not done much more than just sit and read in the gorgeous weather.

I'd taken a lot of photos - some really nice ones, even though it was just me and my brother fooling around with the camera. But disaster struck: One evening, after a particularly good couple of days of photographing lizards, flowers, and getting the odd nice one from messing around on the sunbed, I went to look through and sort them to find just the last two I'd taken were in existence. I don't know how they were deleted, or why, but I definitely didn't accidentally delete them myself; I'd deleted a few earlier that afternoon, before taking more, and as you delete them individually, the next one in the sequence shows up, so I know that at least the ones of the Plated Lizards in the front yards were supposed to be there.
I was actually rather angry and upset - I know I can just pinch one or two of my grandmother's, from when we'd photographed the same things, and I know I can retake the photos of the flowers. But some of them really weren't the sort you could fabricate again.
I also felt annoyed cause it meant a good 4 days of my Photo A Day project would be photos that weren't taken by me, or not even taken on the day I'd be claiming they were.

And then yesterday, my grandmother didn't see my sunglasses on her sunbed and broke one of the arms off. They were only 1 pound, but they were good sunglasses - dark lenses (shade 3, for extra bright climates) and definitely UV protection lenses, and my only other pair are currently at university.
Not good. Grandmother and I went to the Kipepeo Project, in Gedde, about 20 minutes from the hotel (by bus) - Kipepeo is Swahili for 'Butterfly'. Unfortunately, since the Rainy Season starts about a week after we leave, most of the butterflies were still just cocoons - but Grandmother was cheered up by the Butterfly-man, Edmund, who brought in a huge spider for her to play with. I'm not too keen on anything larger than a jumping spider, really - Spiders just seem to make me want to retch. They're the only creatures that truly disgust me, for whatever reason. Just an inbuilt reflex, really. I like insects well enough, normally, but spiders I'm less able to see as 'beautiful', even if I can acknowledge that they've got an amazing colour, such as this one - orange/black legs, with yellow spotted underbelly, and a huge patterned bottom.

I'll have to confess that the thought of touching, never mind allowing it to crawl on me, filled me with pure revulsion.

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