Thursday, 18 March 2010

"Yeah, why /haven't/ you ever been sacked?!"

...Squealed one of the girls in our party, as our lecturer bought us each a drink.

The answer: he's liked by the students (even if reluctantly) and he hasn't properly broken the rules. Me thinks he's walking on a very fine tightrope wire though.

I'd heard of lecturers taking their students out for a drink after the last lecture, but this felt really surreal - this dude will invite me over to dinner, (with the rest of the students) if I do his special subject, so I'd probably better get used to it.

Last term I had a rant blog about this guy - he's the man that doesn't like references and quotes in his essay. It certainly felt as though he didn't care about the students, but it turns out, he's probably the only member of staff, despite wanting to set us an essay a week, that honestly thinks that the department is the enemy, and the students are suffering for it.

He isn't allowed to photocopy things anymore - he's kinda used up most of the department's budget, or so they claim, and as a result, he's been printing things off at his own expense. He tells it the way it is: the department is making cuts at the cost of the students so that those fancy gits get their all-expenses-paid trips abroad every year.
I can see why the department is always coming to blows with him.

And to top it off, he's uploading all the handouts onto LUVLE (the webpages for subjects) so that we have all of them :D

Right. I'd better get ready for my 10am lecture, after which I shall hand in my final essay, have a proper breakfast, and then sell tickets all afternoon.

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