Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pokemon Heartgold

So I've been playing Pokemon Heartgold for the past couple of days, and I think my eyes are going a little bit square. But that won't stop me. Cause I'm stupid like that.
I think it's fantastic, and a real tribute to the brilliance that was the original Gold/Silver/Crystal series; unlike Leaf Green and Fire Red, this is keeping me hooked: it's classic but has refreshed itself. The graphics are great, and the ability to have any pokemon follow outside its ball is what makes it so loveable - in the words of The Boyfriend: "I feel more emotionally attached". Ok, maybe a little bit too involved, there, but I do honestly love seeing the various sprites, and I have already got favourites, even if they weren't favourites to use before - Krabby walks sideways! And Mareep (loved it before) looks hilarious. I also enjoyed Sentret following me around for a while, as well.

The Gyms' new layouts and varying designs are also somewhat special; I hadn't noticed, but Sam saw that the Goldenrod gym's layout is the shape of a Clefairy. Each gym has its own style, rather than its own colour, and the towns within which they are situated all have a particular charm - Ecruteak being my favourite now, for the music and the style of the buildings.
The revamped music isn't obnoxious - some of it is actually very nice.

The pokewalker feature is also a nice little something - though I am not sure that I'll do much with it past it being a pedometer!
The only thing I dislike about the game, though it's my own silly fault, is that berries are very rare - they don't grow in the region. You get given 3 Oran and 3 Pecha berries with some portable pots to grow plants. I didn't pay attention to this, fed the sick miltank my 3 Orans, and of course it needs 10 to be completely recovered. I'll have to find lots of Blue Shards now, to trade them for berries from a weird juggler in a town I can't even remember! Ooops!

I didn't actually mean to end up writing a mini review of the game - I was going to briefly mention it, then move on to my new post tag section: dreams. I'll have to do that in a separate post, today.

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