Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lava Roller-coasters, Hamsters, and being wanted in a manhunt by your lecturer.

The mind is a mysterious thing. I often wonder, on waking up, what the dickens it's trying to tell me. On Thursday, it was more obvious: You may want to get a hamster, but getting a bird whilst at uni at the same time is not a good idea, as you can't take two cages on the train, and there's nobody that wants to be saddled with a canary that won't shut up for 4 weeks when you go home for Easter.

This morning, however, was quite bizarre - though rather eventful and would make a good film. Well, actually, I think critics would rip the plot to shreds, but visually, it could be fun.

Thursday Night/Friday Morning:

I was in my room at uni, except that it looked slightly more like my room here - ie. more walls, even though the space ratio was as boxy as at uni. I was playing with my hamster - I wanted to clean out its cage, so I tried to put it in the ball. It was a speedy little thing, and eventually, I got the lid on the ball (which incidentally was two halves, rather than mostly complete with a small slot to take out). However, the edges of my hamster's dress was caught in the hinges. I know what you're thinking, but this hamster was wearing the dress that one of my teddies in the loft has. It's a big velvet thing, with a red apron. Anyway, eventually, I got the ball done up. I looked up at my bird cage - which was roughly the size and in the spot of my cookoo clock, and thought that I'd better feed the bird before I go home.

I went to Furness college, to browse the market, and to be accosted by my flatmates and friends, who wanted to know which train I was getting, and telling me I shouldn't be late. I thought back to my luggage, and was utterly unsure about when my train was, when I suddenly swore (yes, I swore in my dream) and thought "I've forgotten to feed the bird. In fact, how will it survive the 4 weeks I'm not there!?! I can't take two cages on the train".
I looked around and saw Malcolm, in the guise of Dead Like Me's Rube, and began pestering him into looking after my bird over the Easter holidays. It took a while, but in the end he agreed to take the blinkin' bird, and so I rushed back to my flat, and dropped the hamster's travel box (which was roughly the size of a 200pack of cotton buds from Aldi) and had to scramble up the nesting materials, whilst my poor hamster was a shivering bulge under some lettuce leaf. I picked him up, and put him in the box which fit into my pocket - why then I couldn't take the bird cage on the train as well, is still a mystery.
After that, I got the bird to Mal-Rube, and then I woke up.

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning:

Ok, can't quite remember how it all started, but:
I was on a roller-coaster in what I perceived to be the History Department. It belonged to Sandy Grant (those of you that know who he is will lol at this craziness) and some of its features were a little... weird. For instance, at one point, I remember holding my breath as the coaster went through lava - which was like thick water, and very orange, and obviously not deadly, or harmful in anyway. Fake lava? With Sandy, you just can't explain anything he does.
Anyway, we were in a seminar, and he said he hated my essays. (!) I had to run, and fast, and it turned into a creepy game of hide and seek - the house was very old, and there were nooks and crannies and stuff. I went back on the coaster to get out of the department, and I hid somewhere. He came into the room, but didn't see me. He left, but his two dogs - Labrador Retrievers - sniffed me out. They bared their teeth and growled, but I had a few bells on the end of a stick, which I walked them with, and they came to like me. I took them with me, and we left. I lived as a sort of fugitive, and went through Lancaster's streets - which weren't quite the way they look in real life, but logic says that if I'm dreaming about Grant and essays, it was Lancaster - when my dogs smelled danger. We did a runner, and we ran really fast down hill, to avoid being chased by a car full of police (much as the scene in Wind and the Willows, when Toad's being chased by train). I told the dogs which streets to take just by yelling "left" or "right", and I lifted them over a wall, into some shrubbery, and I climbed over after them. We knelt down in the bushes, and I crawled between the cavities in the hedgerow as police were looking for "The blonde girl that stole two dogs".

...Then I heard the post arrive at my door and woke up.

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