Monday, 15 March 2010

Last Week of Term

Time has come, and Time has gone. I've written all four of my essays, one which needs polishing, and three handed in. I've spent almost the equivalent of a full working day + overtime chasing up Minibus quotes for the upcoming trip, and I've started selling tickets.

Just to show my true devotion to the essay I was supposed to be polishing, here's what I've done today:
  • Caught three Pokemon on Sapphire
  • and beaten up 3 members of Team Aqua
  • Sold a ticket for the below event
  • Created this poster to display on the sales table tomorrow, Weds, Thurs and Friday afternoon when I sit there killing time:

I'm currently, whilst writing this, advising The Boyfriend to put on "cock-blocking" music loudly, since his flatmate doesn't seem to realise that he and his girlfriends every movement can be heard through the thin walls, and it's really not pleasant to hear other peoples' intimate-time noises. 

I'm also devising the social calendar for next term, whilst trying to plot the proceedings for the History Society Party - our old Social Sec wanted to host a kids party kind of event, which sounded fun and was well received, but never happened cause she was too busy in the end. We've got some top choice games picked out, that people want, and I dunno. It'd be a nice, silly, childish way to end the term filled with exams. Plus it's non-alcoholic, so people can rest their livers and kidneys for the college "Extrav" which occur weeks 8-10 - basically a humongous themed booze up.

It'll be nice going to Kenya again - rather looking forward to it; I need the relaxation and sun, and the nice food!
I'll miss seeing The Boyfriend instead, but I guess I can still keep in touch. I'm going to have to use the computers at times to check emails and send them out from the Hist Soc account anyway, so I'll be able to chat with him - he's getting friends to stay with him anyway. So long as he doesn't turn gay with Henry, it'll be fine.  (Oh god, there's an image I didn't need...)

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