Thursday, 4 March 2010

Eee. ^_^

So I've ordered Pokémon Heart Gold, which should be arriving around the 14th, since I've preordered via Play-Asia, and got the US version. I'm a little concerned about Customs being a bitch, but in the end it shouldn't be more than £9, so it could well be waived.

It looks *so* cool! I can't wait - I loved the Gold/Silver/Crystal game, almost as much - possibly even more - than Yellow. xD

Lookie ^_^ The pokémon follow you about. Any of them! But yeah. I also think the Pokéwalker is a fantastic idea, so there's me being a nerd. I'm sorely tempted to get the cheapo accessories pack... for the styluses... but the expensive one has a pretty case. If I switch my DS for DSLite, I'll definitely buy it. I'm THAT cool, people.

...believe it or not, I do get laid. o.O

*Ahem* Enough with the TMI. I've got to go to my lecture. Stopping at Diggles on the way, cause their Chicken & Veg mini pies are DELICIOUS. 4 for a £1. <3

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