Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"Can't use my, can't use my, no I can't use my, PSU... ma ma ma p-p-p-psu..."

Yep, the weird humming has escalated to full on "electric razor struggling to go uphill" noises, which indicates that my PSU is indeed DYING.

I've had to copy my work over to my mp3 player, which means working in the library, struggling on horrible sticky keyboards, and putting up with having nothing to do in the evenings. Lame~
I've put The Boyfriend on the case of finding and linking me a suitable replacement, since I have limited access to resources, and time, and I've asked the grandparents, since they're visiting on Sunday, to bring my laptop up. I'll probably find that the internet will still be an issue, cause it doesn't have an ethernet slot or something. *sigh*

I'm currently stressing over damned dissertation topics, and I need to hand in my form choosing my special subject next year as soon as I can cause I really really REALLY want to do The Princes in the Tower - and whilst Grant would consider me a suitable candidate, admin apparently assign people regardless of previous experience in the topics, tutor's preferences and what people really like doing.
If not, my second choice will do... but I really don't want to do my 3rd choice, as it seems thoroughly dull.:(

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