Wednesday, 31 March 2010

"Blaaaaring", Road Awareness and General Nothingness.

This week, it's quite fortunate that I should have nothing better to do than waste my days playing pokemon. I know fellow students are wailing "you should be revising!", but I have only a few articles to read, and quite honestly, could not bring all my notes back home with me - there was simply no space in suitcase or rucksack. I'll just have to focus on revision properly the first two weeks back - I'll have just about a month before my exams start, and with 4 days off a week, it should be quite easy to manage. Fortunately, after week 2, I'll have nothing major to organise for the History Society until well after my exams are finished.

My brother cuts the lawns of our garden, and a fine job he does of it, too. However, he went out, in the cold and showery weather, without really wrapping up quite as much as he should have, for such strenuous exercise, and caught a cold. Not a horribly bad one - but it meant two or three days of stuffed up nose, annoying us with continuous sneezing (it was like living in Mr Men land) and then having to be taken to and picked up from the bus stop, to avoid him making it much worse. We're going on holiday next Tuesday, see, and we need to be completely clear of any small viruses, since the 8 hour plane is not only detrimental to the immune system, but it's not really very pleasant passing on or receiving illnesses from other passengers.
I've got the cold, too. I had different symptoms - sneezing, sore throat, not such a stuffed nose. Did mean though that my immune system went "lol no" to my Lasagne last night in such a violent manner that my stomach muscles are still a little bit sore. Unlike many students, I don't make a habit out of throwing up at night.

Fortunately for you readers, I was called downstairs as I was writing this, to be told of the plans for bringing me home from Uni this summer.
See, my grandfather got caught doing 36 in a 30mph (I told him off, as well) zone last month, and he got fined £60, with a penalty of 3 points on his up-til-now-clean licence. Because it was such a minor offence, they're giving him the opportunity to have the fine, and the points, waived - he's got to attend a road awareness course day in Merseyside (where he got caught). I find this rather amusing, and I'm glad he too can see the somewhat funny side of all this.
Since the petrol to come get me amounts to about £70, they're actually saving quite a lot. Plus, if he should ever get hit by a car when he's just had a glass of wine, or a beer, and get breathalysed, it saves his licence.

Anyway, my grandmother will drive him to Mersey, drop him off, come get me and pack up, then we'll go get the speeder and go home. Nice, round journey. Even if it turns out I can't go home on that particular day, for whatever reason, I'll at least be able to send all my stuff home save a bag of clothes for overnight.

Today, though, I am in mourning; my tree has been cut down in its prime. The ''tree surgeon'' came today at about 8.20, left at 9.10 having sawn off all brances, then the top half of the tree, and finally the bottom half.
It was a magnificent silver birch, and I shall miss it. :(

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